Shadow Corps Preview Edit

Added: February 25, 2015, but the Shadow Corps went live in the St. Patrick's Day Events 2015 patch on March 6, 2015.

The concluding Legion is nearly upon us. Shadow Corps: Return of the Beggar King introduces the final Legion mercenary group to Atlantica Online. The Beggar King and his mercenaries have been lurking in the shadows, but now is the time to make their presence known. Eight new mercenaries will be available to players through a combination of special events and quests.

The Shadow Corps: Return of the Beggar King update is set to go live March 6th!

Check out the preview trailer below:

Atlantica Online - Shadow Corps- Return of the Beggar King Trailer

Atlantica Online - Shadow Corps- Return of the Beggar King Trailer

The Mercenaries: Edit

Kim Choon Sam Edit

As the Beggar King, he is considered the best Shadow Corps leader in the group’s history, having learned all of the Shadow Corps’ secret techniques by the time he was 20.

Gou Chen Nam Edit

An orphan who joined the Shadow Corps as a child and grew up with the faction as his only family.

Beggar Su Edit

A man who joined the Shadow Corps for one reason alone: To leave all worldly cares behind. This is the way of the Shadow Corps.

Shao Xian Edit

The pillar of stability for the Shadow Corps when political chaos runs rampant, she’s as strong as most men.

Ching Ya Edit

An orphan seeking retribution, she joined the Shadow Corps determined to train in martial arts and deliver on her promise of revenge.

Chiu Hong Edit

Originally part of the Wuxia sect, she left to join the Shadow Corps and follow the Beggar King. Sexy and sultry, she’s not an obvious fit to the world of the Shadow Corps.

Bai Yigai Edit

Known for his honesty, he is the brains behind the operation and one of the key lieutenants of the Shadow Corps.

Chueh Shui Edit

She may look quiet and serene, but she's actually the most active, knowledgeable member of the Shadow Corps.