Shackles of the Thicket is a Magic Skill. See Skills for more information.

Shackles of the thicket Shackles of the Thicket

The roots of the gigantic tree restrain your enemy and absorb it's Vitality. This skill does damage and heals the caster, it isn't a "Vitality decrease" skill. A boss will lose Health, but not be frozen.

Increasing Skill Levels: Edit

Via Skill Books: Edit

You can increase Skill levels using Skill Books:

Via Atlas Ore: Edit

Effects Edit

Skill Level Merc Level* MP Magic Defense (PvE) Health (PvE) Magic Defense (FL) Health (FL)
10 174 224 +4 -1,559
20 174 284 +6 -1,916 +6 -944

* Assumes that mercenary is fully upgraded.