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Servers are computers that are dedicated to providing a specific set of services. Atlantica Online game servers are dedicated to providing an instance of the Atlantica game world. It is possible to connect to the Atlantica servers over the Internet.

In order to play the game, a player must choose a game server to connect to. Since servers run independent instances of of the game world, the server that a player chooses to connect to will also determine which other players they can meet in the game.


All servers are located in the city of El Segundo, California, USA. Usually, it is desirable to be the shortest possible distance from the servers as possible when establishing network connections, however players typically do not experience any latency issues that impact game performance even while playing from continents other than the Americas.

List of Servers[]

There are currently seven game servers in operation for the United States version of the game distributed by VALOFE, and a log-in server, which controls access to the game servers through an authentication protocol. The Titan server is a special server, accessible by characters from all other normal game servers. While connected to the Titan server, players have their server's abbreviation prefixed to their name.

Name Abbreviation Birthday Address
Log-in server - July 15, 2008 New:
Sikyon SI July 15, 2008 New:
Alexandria AL UNKNOWN
Maya May 30, 2020
Mycenae MY September 24, 2008 (REMOVED)
Thebes TH September 27, 2008 New:
Macedon MA October 4, 2008 New:
Argos AR November 8, 2008 New:
Delphi DE March 6, 2009
Amazonas May 30, 2020
Inca May 30, 2020
Maya May 30, 2020
Titan - April 22, 2009 New:

Patch server[]

Patches are served over an HTTP content delivery network (CDN) provided by Korean company CDNetworks, Co. Ltd. The CDN helps to ensure rapid delivery of patch content worldwide. The CDNetworks server address range is -