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Back [? Servant] [Servant Leader] [? Servant]
Middle [? Chimera] [? Chimera] [? Chimera]
Front [? Servant] [? Servant] [? Servant]
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Consume [Blessing Potion]×1 before starting. Assign a title which applies a high offensive and/or defensive bonus such as Bard, Asssassin, Priest, Divine Punisher or Deathproof. Equip the following scrolls: [Scroll of Judgment] or [Freezing Scroll], [Scroll of Resurrection] and [Awakening Scroll]. Designate three mercenaries as offensive scroll users and place them in locations where they can't be hit by the same cannon attack. It is highly recommended to assign a witch as one of them because she cannot be interrupted by the cannons. Assign at least [Scroll of Resurrection]×10 to the hero and divide the awakening scrolls amongst the remainder of the group.


First turn
Second turn
Use three judgment and/or freezing scrolls and guard with all other party members.
Third Turn
If two or more scrolls get cancelled, retreat. If all three go off then all enemies should be dead except for chimeras, allowing you to freeze the chimera row. If only two go off, break a hole through the front line, and freeze the chimeras.
Third enemy turn
The Servant leader will use an area of effect skill this turn, unless he was has Seth's Will cast on him.
Fourth turn
Finish off the remaining servants. It is advised to use Meteor Strike if possible. Don't hesitate to use resurrection and awakening scrolls when needed for the remainder of the fight.