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September Bingo Event![]

  • Sep. 06 2018

Na main roll Bingo.jpg

Event period: 2018.09.06 - 2018.10.11

  Go on a daily mission, open a random bingo slot and redeem rewards!

Once you complete a line, you can get an additional exclusive reward!


Event Mechanics:[]

  • Every day, upon log-in, players will receive a Bingo Token.
  • Consuming the token will generate a random bingo mission.
  • Complete the mission and get a random reward.
  • If the player managed to complete a line of rewards(vertical, horizontal, diagonal), a bonus reward will be given.
  • If a mission is still currently in progress, if a player uses another bingo token, the current mission will be replaced by a new mission.
  • The bingo card can only be completed once per event.