One of the four ancient civilizations that flourished at the same time as Atlantis, the Yellow River civilization tried to maintain a peaceful relationship with Atlantis, but its efforts came to no avail as Atlantis' greed grew. But compared to other civilizations, it was least affected by Atlantis since its distance was further away(from Atlantis). Still, the Yellow River area was known to have a large quantity of Dragon Crystals buried in the ground. And with much of its historical evidence lost, the Yellow River's reputation as the origin of many ancient legends lends the area a great sense of mystery

Level RequirementsEdit

The minimum level to enter this dungeon is 8. By the time, you finished the tutorials, you should be beyond the minimum level required for this dungeon.

Because of an update on 8/25/2011, Ruins of the Yellow River no longer has a shadow dungeon.


In Northeast Asia, west of Beijing


  • Headless Punisher (Yosun Temple, Yosun Temple Annex)
  • Headless Soldier (Yosun Temple, Yosun Temple Annex)
  • Headless Warrior (Yosun Temple, Yosun Temple Annex)
  • Magicked Archer (Room of the Eight Trigrams)
  • Magicked Ace Archer (Room of the Eight Trigrams, Room of the Eight Trigrams Annex)
  • Magicked Bowman (Room of the Eight Trigrams Annex)
  • Xiyu Shaman, Boss, Level 20 (Indoor Garden)


Quest Chain