Rome is the largest town in the game and acts, along with Antillia, as a central hub. Rome is basically the capital of the Surface World and Antillia the capital of Atlantis.

Rome is much larger than most other towns and so is split into six distinct districts.

Free teleportation to each district of Rome and Antillia is available for all players of at least character level 20 via the Go To City menu on the right side of the User Interface:

  • Gate: teleports you to Rome's front gate
  • Plaza: teleports you to Rome's Plaza
  • Bazaar: teleports you to Rome's Bazaar
  • Auction: teleports you to Rome's Auction House
  • Arena: teleports you to Rome's Arena
  • My Home: teleports you to Rome's My Home district
  • Antillia Gate: teleports you to Antillia's front gate
  • Artisan District: teleports you to Antillia's Artisan district

Rome has certain features and special properties that no other towns have, as well as being home to many NPCs that offer unique services. Rome is one of a few towns in the game that cannot be controlled by a guild, and consequently all services are fixed at the minimum tax rate of 1%, making it a popular destination for traders.

You can teleport to any of these locations any time from anywhere in the game using the Go to City button, whether you have a teleportation license or not.

Unique AmenitiesEdit

Rome is currently the only town where a player can perform sparring and access their personal warehouse. However, it is anticipated that warehouse access will also be provided by other towns in future.

Gate Edit

This is the entrance of the mighty city of Rome, capital of Atlantica Online and the Surface World.

This is the place to find special NPCs, such as:

  • Brody: Brody trades Rebirth Tokens for various items, 30 day equipment and weapons.
  • Atlantacong Junior: Atlantacong Junior accepts Atlantica Day Coupons for 7 day +7 No Trade weapons at various major levels 120 = 150 (e.g. +7 Dark Pegasus Whip, ..., +7 Phoenix Staff)
  • Atlantacong Senior: Atlantacong Senior accepts Atlantica Day Coupons for 7 day +7 No Trade weapons at various major levels 50 - 100 (e.g. +7 Freezing Sword, ..., +7 Walachia Rifle)
  • Event NPCs: for any event that gives rewards, there's usually a twin of each event NPC sitting by the gate

Plaza Edit

Bazaar Edit

The Bazaar in Rome is much like a real life Bazaar, it's where all sorts of crafters and tradesmen (NPCs) hang out:

Auction House Edit

Arena Edit

My Home Edit

This is the player housing hub in Atlantica Online. This is the place to buy your house, hire employees, and learn home-related skills. See My Home for more information on Player Housing.