Robbers' Hideout is a level 135 Quest in North America. NPC Howling Wolf is located in Train Interior just outside the portal to Robbers' Hideout (Skirmish). This quest features skirmish style combat.

Quest DetailsEdit

Quest Title NPC Mission Rewards
Supply Supplement Howling Wolf Elixir V (0/10) from Market Experience: 1,000,000
Gold: 500,000
Poor Coyote Spirit Howling Wolf Kill Feral Spirit (0/50) Experience: 20,000,000
Gold: 1,000,000
Connection Howling Wolf Gangster's Pass (0/60) from Alter Maid and Arrogant Gunslinger Experience: 20,000,000
Gold: 1,000,000
Absolute Proof Howling Wolf Fairy's Memo (0/1) from Dainty Beauty Experience: 25,000,000
Gold: 2,000,000