Rise of Riederan - The Invasion BeginsEdit

  • Announce
  • Nov. 10 2011

150 Level Cap & Pegasus Equipment Edit

Stronger Champions Edit


Changes are upon us in the world of Atlantica. New and unexplored lands emerge from the earth. Atlantians will now be able to become the strongest warriors ever to exist by achieving level 150! Reaching past level 140 will grant exalted Atlantians the power to wear and wield Pegasus equipment.

A Gift of Divinity Edit


Mythical Creature, Pegasus, is said to only help those he feels are true heroes. Sensing the descendants of Atlantis, Pegasus has bestowed a gift of divinity through his powerful Equipment. Atlantians can now harness the power of Pegasus beginning at level 141! There is no doubt that this equipment is as amazing as it looks, deadly.

Cross Server Market Edit

Champions of Atlantis must be well equipped at all times. Unfortunately, Atlantian's from different worlds find that the items they are looking for are not being sold in the market. To eliminate this inconvenience Cross-Server market has been introduced.

Never again feel unprepared for battle as now all six worlds can trade amongst each other! Now a player from Mycenae can put an item up for sale, and a player from Sikyon can purchase it. You'll be able to see who previously owned the item, and from what server, when you take a look at the Item History.

Main Character: Talent Point System Edit


Every Atlantian is unique with how they defend the world. For example, a staff main may choose to use their spells more for damage than for healing. The newly introduced Talent point systems will help every Atlantian become specialized for their needs.

Talent points can be spent to improve attack power, health, and magic level beginning at level 130. At Level 140, Atlantians will unlock class specific talent points to aid them in PvE or new strategies for PvP. You can choose to mix your talent points in various specializations or spend up to 10 points on one skill. If you find that you change main character class, then it's no problem! Talent points can be reset!

Mwindo Edit


Mwindo has finally arrived to Atlantica! This powerful sorceress controls the weather to unleash the devastating power of nature onto her opponents. Daughter of an overly suspicious Chieftain, Mwindo has left her tribe to find greater strengths. Believing she will fulfill the prophecy of delivering peace and unity throughout all of Africa, Mwindo has joined your ranks to fight the evils of the world.


Mwindo boasts two powerful spells; Primal Monsoon and Beating sun. Mwindo can be recruited through Sorceress Mwindo in the newly added content of Africa near the town of Kinshasa. Atlantians can expect to recruit Mwindo into their ranks by December 7, 2011!