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Patch Notes: Rise of Atlantis - Judgment Edit

  • Update
  • Jun. 05 2013

Garden of Life's Song Raid Edit

New Lv. 160 Raid, Garden of Life's Song, has been added.

  • Garden of Life's Song is located in West Atlantis. The new rare weapon, Sword of Life's Song, can be acquired through this raid.
  • You can acquire the Garden of Life's Song quest through NPC Wounded Amarieneju near Centaur Village.

Rare Item - Sword of Life's Song Edit

New Item, Sword of Life's Song has been added.

  • This item can be obtained by completing the Garden of Life's Song raid dungeon.

Sword of Life's Song Stats: Edit

  • Attack Power: 3000 - 3800
  • Defense: 1000
  • Strength: +300
  • Vitality: +300
  • Magic Skill: +40
  • Special Ability: +10,000

Sword of Life's Song +10 Stats Edit

  • Attack Power: 12000 - 15200
  • Defense: 4000
  • Strength: +1200
  • Vitality: +1200
  • Magic Skill: +40
  • Special Ability: Health +40,000

Judgement Equipment Edit

New Lv. 155 Judgment Equipment has been added.

  • Judgment equipment cannot be crafted, and can only be obtained through Garden of Life's Song, Mount Huaguo Temple, and Alcatraz Basement.
  • Dismantling Judgment gear will provide Earth Essences.

Mount Huaguo Temple Edit

  • New Lv. 155 Field, Mount Huaguo Temple has been added.
  • Mount Huaguo Temple is located in Central Asia near the Sea of Clouds Tower.
  • Mount Huaguo Temple was built by the parents of Lang Xiao Xiao, a teenager who died at a very young age, in hopes that it would provide a favorable spot for her in heaven. However, shortly after, Mount Huaguo Demon King inhabited the temple, and brought with him various demons from hell. The Demon King was able to brainwash Lang Xiao Xiao's soul, and ordered her to lure unsuspecting travelers into the temple to come face to face with a horrible fate. Lang Xiao Xiao was finally able to escape the hold of the evil Demon King, and begs for you to to end his reign of terror.
  • You can acquire the quests that lead you through Mount Huaguo Temple from NPC Lang Xiao Xiao, located just outside of the dungeon entrance.
  • Complete Lang Xiao Xiao's quest to obtain a Temple Shrine Pass, the key necessary to enter the room where Huaguo Demon King is found.
  • You will have 1 hour inside the boss room, to defeat the demon king, and clear out the monsters in this room who have a higher chance to drop Judgment Equipment Boxes.
  • At the end of Lang Xiao Xiao's quest line, she will reward you with a Judgment Equipment Box.
  • You can reset the Mount Huaguo Temple Quest using its corresponding Secret's of Time

Alcatraz Basement Edit

  • New Lv. 157 field, Alcatraz Basement, has been added.
  • Alcatraz Basement is located in North America, near Alcatraz Prison.
  • Monsters inside of this dungeon have a chance to drop Judgment Equipment Boxes, as well as Enchanted Pegasus Equipment Boxes.
  • New Daily Quests, Prison Riots, have been added, and can be acquired through NPC Sergent Lowe.
  • Boss Room, Al Capone's Cell (which holds boss, Notorious Al Capone), can be entered by using Al Capone's Cell Key. This key is acquired through NPC Alcacat.
  • NPC Overseer Alcacat has been added inside the dungeon. This NPC will exchange Alcatraz Prison Keys for rewards.
  • New Title Available: Alcatraz Boss
  • Alcatraz Boss provides +30% to Attack Power, +15% to Defense, and +10% to Workload for 60 minutes.
  • Prison Riot Quests reset every day at 6:00 AM server time.

Overseer Alcacat Exchange List

Item Alcatraz Prison Keys Needed
Title: Alcatraz Boss 10,000
Judgment Equipment Box 2,000
Al Capone's Cell Key 500
Corrupted Unicorn Tear 200
Oriharukon 100