Patch Notes: Rise of Atlantis - Ascension Edit

  • Update
  • May. 08 2013

Level Cap Increased Edit

  • Maximum level has been increased to 160
    • Level restriction for using [VI] consumable items has been changed to include Lv. 160 equipment.
    • New Lv. 160 talents have been added

Centaur Hero Raid Dungeon Edit

  • New Lv. 155 Raid, Centaur Hero, has been added.
    • Centaur Hero is located in West Atlantis. Key items needed for Chironia's recruitement quest will drop in this Raid.
    • Chironia's Recruitment quest can be started through NPC Old Lady Deramoon near Centaur Village

New Rank A Bow Mercenary: Chironia Edit

  • The magical centaur creature created by the mages of Atlantis, Chironia, has been added.
    • Requires Multi-Hued Soul Crystal/Jewels to upgrade
    • Able to use Gift of Prometheus, Tempest Spirit, and Chione's Fury.
    • Gift of Prometheus give basic attacks a chance to deal high fire damage.
    • Tempest Spirit is activated when Chironia is hit. This skill increases Defense, Action Power, and Speed.
    • Chione's Fury rains arrows of ice on the enemy, striking the netire formation at once, and reducing their Magic Defense.
  • You can receive the recruitment quest for Chironia from Old Lady Deramoon found near Centaur Village
    • Must be level 155 or higher to obtain the summon orb, Chironia's Crystal Mirror, as Centaur Hero is a level 155 raid dungeon.
    • However Chironia's Crystal Mirror can be used at level 100.
  • Descendant Bow Main characters can now learn Chione's Fury skill as one of their specialization choices.
  • Centaur Archer Base Stats:
    • Strength: 166
    • Intelligence: 304
    • Dexterity: 371
    • Vitality: 226
    • Defense: 40
    • Magic Defense: 406
  • Chironia [VI] Base Stats
    • Strength: 365
    • Intelligence: 748
    • Dexterity: 1198
    • Vitality: 552
    • Defense: 400
    • Magic Defense: 467

New Main Class Talents Edit

New Main Class Talents

  • Spear
    • Tactical Strike - Critical hits deal additional damage.
    • Lightning Counter - Chance to Counterattack when hit with a magic spell, and increases lightning resistance.
    • Powerhouse - Increases Strength
  • Axe
    • Icy Blows - Physical attacks deal additional damage, and increases ice resistance
    • Warrior's Rage - Increases the minimum health needed to trigger Warrior's Rage. When Activated, Warrior's Rage recovers health per turn.
    • Guard Break - Physical attacks gain a chance to make your target drop their Guard stance and remove Defense buffs.
  • Bow
    • Lethal Concentration - Increases attack power buffs you receive.
    • Battlefield Evasion - Gain a chance to evade ranged attacks.
    • Freezing Arrows - Physical attacks gain a chance to fire freezing arrows, reducing the target's Defense and Magic Defense.
  • Gun
    • Hollow Point - On Critical hits, the target's defense will be ignored, and additional damage will be dealt.
    • Level Headed - Decreases damage taken every time your combo hit count increases.
    • Repeat Fire - Increases critical chance for each combo count on the enemy target.
  • Cannon
    • Center of the Blast - Basic attacks deal extra damage to the primary target.
    • Guided Shots - Effects that weaken your Accuracy, Multi-Hit Rate, or Critical are reduced.
    • Smoketrail Shells - Basic attacks deal additional damage against buildings, and grants a chance to cast Smoke Bomb when making a basic attack, decreasing the target's accuracy.
  • Instrument
    • Soulful Tune - Basic attacks absorb MP equal to your Max MP. When there is no MP left to absorb, deals equivalent damage to the target's health instead.
    • Stage Presence - Grants a chance to resist Seal and Silence magic.
    • Hit Single - Increases Ravaging Melody's damage and restores your health by a percentage of the damage dealt by Ravaging Melody
  • Power Saw
    • Blades of Slaughter - Increases Chainsaw Blade's damage. When Chainsaw Blade kills an enemy, get an additional chance to take another action.
    • Made of Iron - Grants a chance that your combo count will not increase when attacked.
    • Overkill - Boosts Multi-Hit Rate for each Combo Count your target has.
  • Sword / Blade Master
    • Chaos Soul - Increases Chaos Edge and Static Shield's damage, also increases flame resistance.
    • Phalanx - Allies who take damage from basic attacks that also hit you loose less HP.
    • Alert Guard - Gives a chance to defend against ranged attacks, reducing damage taken.
  • Staff / Battle Mage
    • Scholarly Adventurer - Increases Intelligence.
    • Tip the Scales - Decreases hostile magic effects and increases beneficial magic effects.
    • Spell Reflex - The chance of passive magic triggering when attacking or being attacked is increased, and its effects are increased.

New Accessories Edit

  • Lv. 150 Main Class Transcendent rings have been added.
    • Transcendent Gale Ring - Ranged Class
    • Transcendent Flame Ring - Artillery Class
    • Transcendent Earth Ring - Magic Class
    • Transcendent Lustrous Ring - Melee Class
  • These rings can be acquired by completing Death's Boundry quest through NPC Kassus.

West Atlantis Edit

  • Chief Lebe of the Zulu Tribe in Africa has discovered a way to go to West Atlantis.
    • When you are Lv. 150 or higher, you can obtain the quest that leads you to West Atlantis from Chief Lebe.
  • You can move to West Atlantis through the gate at Southern Europe.

New Dungeon: Transcendent Temple Edit

Transcendent Temple has been added

  • This Lv. 152 area is located in Southwest Asia. You can acquire Transcendent rings from this dungeon.
  • You can start the Death's Boundry quest through Kassus, who is in the dungeon.
  • Upon completing his tasks, Kassus will reward you with the Transcendent Emblem Box, which contains the Transcendent Rings.
  • Death's Boundry quest can be reset using Secrets of Time.