Revolutionary War Patch Notes Edit

  • Update
  • Oct. 26 2012

New Mercenary: Washington Edit

  • New Gun Mercenary [Washington] has been added. A patriot who fights for the causes of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The powers of his conviction drive him to strike down the enemies of freedom wherever they lie, and draw his allies together to stand as a united force.
  • Washington has 3 unique skills: [Battlefield Courage], [Camaraderie], and [Patriotic Resolve].
  • [Battlefield Courage] - A passive skill which boosts allies' fighting spirit and as a result, it increases the attack power and defense of allies.
  • [Camaraderie] - With his comradeship, he shares his damage with other allies.
  • [Patriotic Resolve] - When you are facing an extreme situation, this skill brings out your hidden power and grants you unbeatable strength, and an ultimate form.
  • Gun Mains can now learn the skill, [Camaraderie].

New Area: Path to Glory Edit

  • New guild dungeon [Revolution] has been added.
  • Guild will have 60 minutes to complete this dungeon.
  • Monsters in [Revolution] will Auto-Level depending on the level of your main character.
  • Certain monsters in [Revolution] will have fixed levels.
  • Guilds can run [Revolution] once every 40 hours.
  • New Individual Dungeon [Fields of Delaware] has been added.
  • You will have 40 minutes to complete this dungeon.
  • [Fields of Delaware] is available to players who are Lv. 150.
  • You can run [Fields of Delaware] every 20 hours.
  • New Quest Area [Secluded Outskirts] has been added.
  • [Secluded Outskirts] is available to players Lv. 20 and above.
  • Monsters in [Secluded Outskirts] will auto-level depending on the level of your main character.
  • Two new quest lines have been added, [Land of the Brave], and [Patriot]
  • To begin the [Land of the Brave] quest you must speak to [Colonel Glover].
  • To begin the [Patriot] quest, you must speak to [General Washington]. This quest begins the [Patriot] mercenary recruitment quest.
  • New NPC [John Jay] can be found in the middle of [Path to Glory]. He is a quartermaster who provides various supplies, including items you will need for the [Patriot] quest line, and the keys to the [Fields of Delaware] and [Revolution] dungeons.

Foggy Seashore Dungeon Extension Edit

  • It is now possible to use [Atlas Ore] to extend the time of the dungeons located in [Foggy Seashore]. Two atlas ores are required to extend the Dungeon for an additional 10 minutes.

General Edit

  • The [Notice] and [History] tab in the Diary have been removed.
  • Licenses have been removed from [Helper Box].
  • [Event Package] system has been added in place of licenses in [Helper Box]. The [Event Package]s are special license packs given to characters based on their level. These licenses give you various perks that make exploring Atlantica more convenient.

Event Package System by level:

  • Lv. 1 - 10 Patrol
  • Lv. 11 - 20 Patrol and Teleport
  • Lv. 21 - 30 Patrol, Teleport and Auto-Search
  • Lv. 31 - 80 Patrol , Teleport, Auto-Search and Auto-Battle
  • Changes have been made to [My Buff Effects] so that all duration items applied your character can be checked in the [License] tab.
  • The time displayed after the Auto-Move has been removed.
  • NPC's Dialogue Balloons have been removed.
  • Ownership information in the Item History has been removed.
  • Settings have been made so that Atlantis Coins can no longer be registered at Auction.
  • The location of the NPCs Jinni, Yewul, Amane, and Joo Hye in the [Forest of Spirits] has changed.
  • 120 level up requirement has been removed.

Community Edit

  • [Mentor] system has been removed.
  • Accumulated mentor points can still be used.
  • If a guild member is a returning user, their color on the guild roster has been changed to purple to make it easier to recognize them.

Excavation Expedition Edit

  • Changes have been made so that Enemy Guild names cannot be viewed in the Excavation Expedition. This function was added to address issues concerning insults and harassment outside of the game.There will be two phases to this change, currently we have applied phase 1.
  • When detailed information is viewed using [Atlas Ore Fragment], the opponents guild name is changed to [???]. This change also applies to messages and the name of a guild who controls a mine.
  • Those observing will note that guild names will be changed to "Defense Forces" and "Attack Forces".

Tutorial Edit

  • Images that were shown for quest descriptions in the Tutorial Area have been removed.
  • Changes have been made so that only mercenaries that are available to recruit are shown by the Mercenary Manager in the Tutorial Area.
  • The Quest Dialogue Voice has been removed up to the point of [Forest of Spirits] quests.

TBS Edit

  • Changes have been made so that Corrupt Sorcerer's Gate cannot heal during the final battle.
  • The rate of Gold and Silver coins given in some TBS Reward Boxes have been reduced and rate for other items have been slightly increased.

Magic Edit

  • The damage of [Chaos Edge] and [Thunderbolt Slash] in competition has been reduced.

Items Edit

The following Lv. 150 Rings have been added:

  • Awakened Pangu's Ring
  • Awakened Fu Xi's Ring
  • Awakened Nuwa's Ring
  • Awakened Chi You's Ring

The following Lv. 145 Necklaces have been added:

  • Sharp Sapphire Necklace
  • Shimmering Sapphire Necklace
  • Tough Sapphire Necklace
  • Earth Essence has been added and can be found in the market at a fixed price.
  • Shimmering Opal has been added and are looted from monsters in [Path to Glory].
  • Shimmering Sapphire has been added and are looted from monsters in [Path to Glory].