A Resident is an NPC that resides in a specific town. Resident NPCs have orange name tags.

  • If you find a Resident NPC wandering outside of a town and you belong to a guild that manages a town, you can try to convince that Resident NPC to move to your town. You need 100% Will to attempt this. If your guild controls a town, persuading residents will increase your town's Town Satisfaction Rating. See town for more information on this.
  • When in a town, Resident NPCs will sometimes sell you items at a fixed price in a specific town, usually far less than the going rate at the Market. When a Resident NPC is selling such items, they are announced as a Rumor in the window just above the Chat window. You will need 100% Will and a fixed amount of gold of to buy the item the Resident NPC is selling.

The Resident NPC will stay in the announced town for a set amount of time, before moving on to another town. The Resident NPC has a limited amount of items for sale. However, there is just about always some Resident NPC selling rumor items somewhere in the World of Atlantica. The biggest limitation to buying items from Resident NPCs is Will.

Resident NPCs Edit