You an repair equipment and weapons if that equipment needs to be repaired (durability is less than maximum durability or, at the worst case, down to 0). Some equipment loses durability and thus will need to be repaired sooner or later.

Craft Repairing Edit

Any craftsman with skills in the appropriate crafting skill can repair an item of that skill. For example, if you need to repair a piece of Armor, any Armor Craftsman can do so.

However, if the Armor Craftsman's skill is lower than the crafting level of the piece of armor to be repaired, some of that item's maximum durability will be permanently reduced. So, find someone with an Armor skill higher than the item that needs to be fixed to do the repair (maybe in your guild or nation), or take it to Reginn in Rome.

Repair Stones Edit

You can repair equipment using Repair Stones. It costs 10% Will to repair an item using Repair Stones. See Craft Repairing above regarding maximum durability.

Repairing with Reginn Edit

There are Repair NPCs in the two capital cities whom you can visit to repair your stuff, they can even repair all of a character's gear at once.

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