Raid Dungeons aka Raids count towards Dungeon Points, meaning that you need Dungeon Points to run raids. Raids cost 10 DPs the first run, 40 DPs on the second run.

All raid dungeons use TBS combat and no mercenaries are allowed (meaning only your main character can participate). Up to 10 players can participate in raid dungeons. The boss monster is extremely powerful, so the fewer players attempt the dungeon, the better their gear and coordination has to be.

A maximum of 15 players can join a raid.

Raid dungeons were added to Atlantica Online in the Elements of War - Incursio update.

Dungeon Location Level
Centaur Hero (hard) Vancouver south 155
Forgotten City (hard) Titan Outpost west 145
Garden of Life's Song (hard) Centaur Village Outpost west 160
Golden Empire Defense (hard) Amazon Expedition east 155
Labyrinthos Rome 110
Labyrinthos (hard) Rome 135
Overlord's Onslaught (hard) Chang An southeast 150