A quest chain is a linear series of quests which must be completed in a particular order.

Quests are tracked in Atlantica Online in game in the quest log.

Quests can consist of single steps, but most of the time they are quest chains that consist of multiple steps with rewards for each step that lead to a better reward at the completion of the whole chain.

Main Quest ChainsEdit

The main chain of quests composes the story line of the player's journey to Atlantis. These quests can be completed only once per player.

Title Level Dungeon NPCs Reward
Forest of Spirits 1 Forest of Spirits Komachi
[Viking Summon Marble]×1
Ruins of the Yellow River 11 Ruins of the Yellow River Sima Qian
Pien Chueh
Sul Hyang
[Sea King's Equipment Box]×5
Sea Palace 16 Sea Palace Hu Xue-yan
Zang Heng
Zhao Gao
[Angkor Wat Equipment Box]×5
Angkor Wat 24 Angkor Wat Jayavarman
Boy Monk
[Insect Equipment Box]×2
Nest of Insects 32 Nest of Insects Narayan
Li Kui
[Life Potion (Mid)]×7
Mohenjodaro 40 Mohenjodaro Graveyard Urvashi
[Bran Castle Equipment Box]×2
Bran Castle 48 Bran Castle Dmitri
[Life Potion (Adv)]×5
Cretan Labyrinth 54 Cretan Labyrinth Daedalus
[Ashen Jewel]×10
Hanging Gardens 59 Hanging Gardens of Babylon Scheherazade
[Life Potion (Adv)]×5
Valley of the Kings 67 Valley of the Kings Isis
[Life Potion (Adv)]×5
Sunken Machine Shrine 75 Sunken Machine Shrine Lewis
[Scroll of Vortex (Adv)]×2
Shogun Castle of Death 80 Shogun Castle of Death Hashiba
[Ashen Jewel]×20
Key 80 Various Amarieneju
Lost Volcano Valley 90 Lost Volcano Valley Kurbsky
[Scroll of Vortex (Adv)]×2
Yggdrasil 95 Yggdrasil Hugin
Constantinople Battlefield 96 Constantinople Battlefield Orban
Katherine at Katherine Gorge 136 Katherine Gorge Katherine

Side Quest ChainsEdit

Side quests chains consist of optional quests that deviate from the main story line. Side quests have similar level requirements as the main quests for a given dungeon. In addition, side quests usually follow similar objectives as the main quest chain, but offer additional rewards. Unlike the main quest chain, however, side quest chains can be reset by trading a secrets of time book with Hui Chao as many times as desired.

Title Level Dungeon NPCs Reward
Hunting the Night Fox 30 None Bayan [Scroll of Vortex (Int)]×10
Legend of the Iron Doll 46 Bran Castle Geppetto [Captured Doll]×300
Level 50 Upgrade Ring 50 Abyss of the Taj Mahal Shah Jahan [Gemstone Ring Box]
Discovering Great Perfume 52 Cretan Labyrinth Chardin [Chardin's Box]×3
Destiny of Marduk 57 Hanging Gardens of Babylon Marduk [Accessory Enhance Stone (Adv)]×8
Animal Investigator Hughes 59 None Dispatcher Hughes [Babylon's Equipment Box]×2
Mummy's Curse 65 Valley of the Kings Mariette [Armor Enhance Stone (Adv)]×15
Human Heritage I 65 Valley of the Kings Dispatcher Francis [Osiris' Equipment Box]×2
Navigator's Dream 73 Sunken Machine Shrine Vasco da Gama [Superalloy Bullet]×1000
Curious Scientist 74 Sunken Machine Shrine Pedro [Strange Rock Shard]
The Warrior's Path 78 Shogun Castle of Death Miyamoto Musashi [Musashi's Sword Box]
Cursed Necropolis 80 Necropolis Menelaus [Gold-plated Ring Box]
My Name Is Momotaro 85 Shogun Castle of Death Momotaro [Captured Frilled Lizard]×500
Dinosaur Master 88 Lost Volcano Valley Snegurochka
[Trainer's Secret Box]
A Hero's Passage 89 Lost Volcano Valley Beowulf [The Grudge of Grendel]
Guardian Frigg 93 Yggdrasil Guardian Frigg [Valhalla's Bow]
Freyja's Necklace 95 Yggdrasil Heimdall
Betrayer of Battlefield 96 Constantinople Battlefield Gaius [Gaius' Treasure Box]
Princess Fausta 96 Constantinople Battlefield Fausta [Fausta's Wedding Box]
Ultimate Weapon: Cannon 96 Constantinople Battlefield Murat [Wheel Lock Musket]
Ultimate Weapon: Gun 96 Constantinople Battlefield Mustafa [Orban's Secret Weapon]
Lost Saqqaq Tribe 98 Frozen Adlivun Knud [Frozen Savior's Equipment Box]×3
Sea of Clouds Tower 100 Sea of Clouds Tower Monk Dingxian [Ancient Book Box of Nirvana]
Prankster 137 Katherine Gorge Ghera
Katherine Gorge 137 Katherine Gorge Ghera [1,983,000,000 Experience]

[70,400,000 Gold]

Mercenary Recruitment Quest ChainsEdit

Mercenary quests chains are optional quest chains that permit a player to obtain a grade C or better mercenary upon completion. Mercenary quest chains have slightly higher level requirements than the main quest chains for a given dungeon, and require a player to revisit that dungeon to fight different and more difficult monsters there. With the notable exception of the Monk, which can be obtained by other means, completing these quest chains is the only primary method by which these mercenaries can be obtained. The final reward for completing these quest chains is typically a non-tradable box containing the mercenary summon item, amongst alternative rewards. However, the mercenary summon item itself can be traded on the market. Like side quest chains, mercenary quest chains can be reset by trading the appropriate secrets of time book with Hui Chao as many times as desired.

Title Level Dungeon NPCs Reward
Monk Recruitment (Quest) 18 Ruins of the Yellow River Huike
Yuan Hao
[Huike's Letter]×1
Beast Trainer Recruitment (Quest) 44 Mohenjodaro Graveyard Princess Hwa Man
Bao Sanniang
[Sealed Casket: Beast Trainer]×1
Witch Recruitment (Quest) 51 Bran Castle Vivian
Novice Witch
[Sealed Casket: Witch]×1
Exorcist Recruitment (Quest) 57 Devil's Forest Iris
[Sealed Casket: Exorcist]×1
Princess Recruitment (Quest) 63 Crete Labyrinth Eva
Princess Christina
[Sealed Casket: Princess]×1
Prophet Recruitment (Quest) 70 Hanging Gardens of Babylon Prophet Hecuba
Soul of Tiamat
[Sealed Casket: Prophet]×1
Oracle Recruitment (Quest) 76 Valley of the Kings Imhotep
[Sealed Casket: Oracle]×1
Inventor Recruitment (Quest) 84 Sunken Machine Shrine Caterina
[Sealed Casket: Inventor]×1
Cannoneer Recruitment (Quest) 87 Shogun Castle of Death Kaguyahime [Sealed Casket: Cannoneer]×1
Lady Knight Recruitment (Quest) 95 Yggdrasil Janet [Sealed Casket: Lady Knight]×1
Janissary Recruitment (Quest) 96 Constantinople Battlefield Al Feren [Sealed Casket: Janissary]×1
Viking Upgrade (Quest) 100 Frozen Adlivun Freydis
Archer Upgrade (Quest) 100 Arachne's Nest
Marksburg Castle
Hypogeum of Death
Chironia of the Wind
Spartan Recruitment (Quest) 100 Forgotten Warrior's Place Ancient Spartan Hero [Sealed Casket: Spartan]×1
Pirate Recruitment (Quest) 100 Ghost Ship of the Caribbean Mary Read [Sealed Casket: Pirate]×1
Elementalist Recruitment (Quest) 100 Valley of Oblivion Wise Orenda [Sealed Casket: Elementalist]×1
Minstrel Recruitment (Quest) 100 Dallas Lawless District Nina Paganini
[Paganini's Instrument Case]×1
Druid Recruitment (Quest) 100 Coyote's Valley Raging Wind [Druid's Soul-Sealing Stone]×1
Empress Recruitment (Quest) 100 Haunted Tatami Room Sumi [Empress' Ornament]×1
Valkyrie Recruitment (Quest) 100 Yggdrasil Gilded Mimir [Valhalla Horn]×1
Punisher Recruitment (Quest) 102 Near Silent Detroit Sheriff Christine
Wanted Board
Punisher Frank Read
Lily's Soul
Sealed Gate
[Frank Reade's Card]×1
Champion Recruitment (Quest) 110 Hissarlik Hill Officer Odysseus [Odysseus' Summon Paper]×1
General Recruitment (Quest) 110 Eastern Wu Camp Yunchang [Guan Yu's Expedition Notice]×1
Hwarang Recruitment (Quest) 112 Near Bulguksa Hwarang Kim Yoo Shin
Chun Guan
Mysterious Old Man
[Hwarang's Letter]×1
Roro Kidul Recruitment (Quest) 113 Majapahit Goddess Roro Kidul [Roro Kidul's Conch]×1
White Witch Recruitment (Quest) 120 Near the Imperial Palace of Darkness Constable
Palace Gatekeeper
Emperor Bai Xuan
Awakened Court Lady
Shen Hong
[Summoning Book: White Witch]×1
Guangmo Recruitment (Quest) 120 External Patrol Area Guangmo
[Summoning Book: Guangmo]×1
Bai Yigai Recruitment (Quest) 120 Chang An Market Street Bai Yigai
Shao Xian
[Summoning Book: Bai Yigai]×1
Chueh Shui Recruitment (Quest) 120 Chang An Market Street Chueh Shui [Summoning Book: Chueh Shui]×1
Shen Hong Recruitment (Quest) 130 Diabolic Main Hall Shen Hong [Summoning Book: Shen Hong]×1
Kim Choon Sam Recruitment (Quest) 130 Chang An Market Street Kim Choon Sam [Summoning Book: Kim Choon Sam]×1
Recruit Arthur (Quest) 130 Edinburgh Arthur Pendragon [Camelot's Envoy]×1
Sorceress Recruitment (Quest) 140 Africa Sorceress Mwindo [Sorceress Idol]×1
Shaolin Sect 2 (Quest) 140 Shaolin Forecourt Xuanzang [Summoning Book: Xuanzang]×1
Legendary Hero (Quest) 145 Near Valley of Wild Beasts Mukuru the Prophet
Guardian Mumba
[Sealed Book: Retribution]×1
Lost City (Quest) 145 Near the Forgotten City Aaron Reisner
Automaton Gigas
[Heart of Gigas]×1
Patriot Recruitment (Quest) 150 Path to Glory General Washington [Patriot's Pistol]×1
Centaur Hero Recruitment (Quest) 155 Centaur Village Old Lady Deramoon [Chironia's Crystal Mirror]×1

Title Quest ChainsEdit

Title Level Location NPCs Reward
Title 1 1 Spartan Sanctum of Fighting Spirit Pandora Various Titles
Title 2 1 Spartan Sanctum of Fighting Spirit Calliope Various titles
Title 3 1 Spartan Sanctum of Fighting Spirit Kleio Various Titles
Title 4 1 Spartan Sanctum of Fighting Spirit Thalia Various titles

Event Quest ChainsEdit

Event quest chains are only available for the duration of an event.

Title Level Dungeon NPCs Reward
Christmas Event Any Santa Villa Guide Acong: 1F
Guide Acong: 2F
Guide Acong: 3F