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Quantum Leap is a Magic Skill. See Skills for more information.

Quantum leap.png Quantum Leap

Controls the flow of time and space to restore your allies' cooldown (CD) and Magic Points (AoE). This reduces the CD of allies' skills by 1 or more turns.

If you cast this on a character with a CD of x turns and the skill reduces that CD by x or more, the character can use that skill immediately (assuming the char has enough Action Power this turn). The CD reduction carries over to following turns. For example, if a character with a CD of 3 turns has it's CD reduced by 3 turns and cannot cast a skill this turn, the CD stays removed for the following turn.


Increasing Skill Levels:[]

Via Skill Books:[]

You can increase Skill levels using Skill Books:

Via Atlas Ore:[]


Skill Level Merc Level* MP Magic (PvE) Magic Skill Cooldown Restored (PvE)
1 1
10 173 764 24060 1
20 1
40 1
60 1
80 1

* Assumes that mercenary is fully upgraded.


Cooldown: 2 down from 3 in May 14, 2020 Update.