PvP Update - Phase 1! Edit

  • Update
  • Oct. 02 2014

Greetings, Atlantians! Edit

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Clortho and I come to you from the Atlantica Online game team. For the past six months I have been working closely with your very own Daraeus to improve the Atlantica Online experience for you, our dedicated fans. I have poured over the forums and read all your useful feedback and now I'm here to make changes for the better!

Daraeus and I locked ourselves in a room and put our minds together to figure how the best way to return Atlantica Online’s PvP to its glory days. Based on your ideas and comments, today's patch introduces a brand new Division System, designed to better balance the PvP experience.

Some of you might be asking, "why are you changing the PvP system? I like it!" Well...

  • The PvP system hasn't been updated in a while.
  • An Atlantica Online where Lv. 120 players are matched against Lv. 160 players is not the Atlantica Online we envisioned.
  • The more balanced the PvP, the more players will be encouraged to participate!

We understand not all of our players will be pleased with the changes listed below, but we want to assure all our fans that these will greatly improve the game. So let's dive into the new Division System.

Division Level Range Matching
18 20-29 Div 18-17
17 30-49 Div 17-18
16 40-49 Div 16-15
15 40-59 Div 15-16
14 50-69 Div 14-13
13 60-79 Div 13-14
12 70-89 Div 12-11
11 89-99 Div 11-12
10 95-104 Div 10-9
9 95-109 Div 9-10
8 105-119 Div 8-7
7 111-119 Div 7-8
6 120-139 Div 6-5
5 120-139 Div 5-6
4 140-154 Div 4-3
3 140-154 Div 3-4
2 155-164 Div 1-2
1 165-170 Div 2- Tier 0
T0 165-170 Tier 0 – Div 1

Divisions are designed to match players of similar skill and within similar level ranges in PvP. Your first Division is based on your level (as seen in the above chart). For example, if you are playing with a Lv. 50 character, you will be placed in Division 15 to start. Win enough matches and you'll advance to the next level- lose enough and you'll be demoted to the previous level.

Note that you cannot advance more than one Division at a time, or be demoted more than one Division at a time. To advance to a higher Division, win some matches and increase your character's level!

This is only the first in a long line of changes we have planned for Atlantica Online. But we can't do this on our own, Atlantians—we need your help. Let us know what you think of the new Division system in the Atlantica Online forums.

Over the next month we will collect your feedback, incorporate it into our following update and then work on updating the rewards.

To close, I just want to say how much I and the rest of the Atlantica Online and Nexon teams appreciate your participation, patience and feedback. Until next time!