The Puppeteer (Rin) is a grade B Power Saw Mercenary.


Puppeteer Rin

The Puppeteer's pageantry is no laughing matter. Her power saw-wielding puppet can manipulate allies into making extra attacks or bind enemies with a crushing curse. And when times are dire, she can sacrifice an ally to boost her puppet even more.

You can have up to 1 of this mercenary.

Assessment Edit

Rin can be your greatest asset or your most devastating weakness. She requires the orders of a strong strategist, particularly when it comes to the powerful Bloody Strings ability, which counts as a “kill” on your opponent’s counter if used in Free League. Will you risk your own mercenaries to make Rin stronger and allow her to control her allies for maximum effectiveness?

Outside of the Free League, Rin has already proved herself as an exceptionally useful tool in TBS combat. She has the durability of a melee character, and her Empowering Control can allow a ranged character to attack twice in the same turn for a massive damage output! This skill not only passes the turn but also provides a significant heal, even to catapults! It’s not as strong as the Oracle’s Healing skill, mind you, but even a little boost can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Rin is rare to obtain and so are her skills, making them very expensive; her upgrades are inexpensive.

Characteristics Edit

Attributes Edit

Basic Attack Edit

Recruitment Edit

History Edit

Rin was introduced during the Elements of War Patch.

Upgrades Edit

Giant Soul Crystal and Giant Soul Jewel.

Class Level Requirements Str Int Dex Vit Def MDef
Puppeteer 1 None 426 100 158 224 98 200
Puppeteer I 20 50 Giant Soul Crystal 489 119 175 252 192 200
Puppeteer II 50 100 Giant Soul Crystal 554 140 195 283 285 200
Rin 80 20 Giant Soul Jewel 614 162 217 312 380 200
Rin I 100 40 Giant Soul Jewel 675 186 236 339 488 200
Rin II 120 80 Giant Soul Jewel 735 210 257 369 567 200
Rin III 130 80 Giant Soul Jewel 796 231 278 396 652 200
Rin IV 140 80 Giant Soul Jewel 865 255 300 423 751 200
Rin V 150 80 Giant Soul Jewel 939 280 322 453 866 200
Rin VI 160 80 Giant Soul Jewel 1126 336 386 543 1039 200

Skills Edit

This Mercenary can use these Magic Skills:

Bloody strings Bloody Strings Edit

Sacrifices an ally to increase caster's Attack Power, Critical Rate, Multi-Hit Rate, reduce Combo Count by 1 each turn and grant immunity to Magic, except Purification and Dispel.

Curse of strings Curse of Strings Edit

Use powerful puppetry magic to control and curse the enemy, nullify all Magic cast on them, except Purify spells.

Empowering control Empowering Control Edit

Takes control of allies using puppetry powers, increasing their abilities. Allows Stunned characters to lose their Combo Count.

History Edit

Rin comes from a long line of highly skilled Ningyotsukai, Puppet masters trained to perform with ningyo dolls attached to strings in Bunraku-style Puppet Theaters. The puppet masters working behind the scenes have mastered the art of bringing these dolls to life in a spectacular display of skill and patience. Our little puppet master actively participated in these shows since she could walk on her own two feet. From the time she began manipulating puppets, it was as if some mysterious power gave her dolls a life of their own. She dazzled crowd after crowd and became something of a local legend.

Ultimately, the joy of performing would not last. Even simple performers were unable to escape from the threat of Atlantis and darkening times. One day, while Rin and her family traveled to an adjacent town for a performance, a pack of bandits bent on finding Oriharukon stones ambushed their party and killed her parents. Had it not been for some quick thinking by Hattori Hanzo, Rin would have suffered a similar fate. After rescuing her, he raised her as part of the Iga Ninja clan.

In a few years’ time, Rin became one of the most trusted and experienced members of the Iga clan. Despite her age, she was often the first to volunteer for the most dangerous missions, believing that her most beloved puppet, a gift from her parents, would protect her from danger.

Rin’s life changed once again during a mission to the Shogun Castle. Rin inadvertently stumbled into a secret Tatami room, sealed away long ago because of mysterious hauntings. She investigated the room and found nothing but a Cat Mask commonly used in Theater for comedic characters. She was drawn to the mask, remembering her days of performing in front of a crowd. Little did she know that the mask was home to an ancient demon, Nekomimi. By exploiting Rin’s sadness and memories of her parents, Nekomimi was able to infiltrate Rin’s consciousness and possess her.

Nekomimi used Rin’s body to open the Gates of Torment, ultimately leading to the near-total destruction of the Iga Ninja Clan. As Nekomimi used the helpless Rin to unleash destruction on the world, two loyal members of the Iga Clan gathered with several bands of mercenaries to destroy the Gate of Torment. After barely destroying the gate, they had just enough energy to summon Queen Himiko of Yamataikoku to exorcise Nekomimi from Rin’s body and banish her from the world forever.

For reasons we may never understand, Rin suggested that Nekomimi instead be sealed within the puppet she holds so dear to her. Perhaps she believes that the spirit will be purified by the positive energy of the puppet, which represents Rin’s childhood spirit and the love of her parents.

Merging with the doll gave Nekomimi the strength to manifest in a visible form again, but she is now completely bound to Rin’s will, forced to follow wherever Rin goes. Nekomimi now acts not only as a Guardian Spirit, but also as a conduit for Rin’s latent abilities, unleashing the full potential of her puppetry skills and allowing her to control living beings, human or monster.