Pointry is a merchant who exchanges points for items. He is located at the Bazaar of Rome.

Battle Points Edit

Battle Points can be exchanged for:

Item Points
Arachne's Web, Arachne's Nest key 200
Emblem of Trust 2000
[Common] Glorious Feast 2000
Fire Dragon Key, Temple of the Fire Dragon key 3000
Glorious Vanguard Earring 15,000
Glorious Sniper Earring 15,000
Glorious Magi Earring 15,000
Glorious Artillery Earring 15,000
Glorious Vanguard Bracelet 15,000
Glorious Sniper Bracelet 15,000
Glorious Magi Bracelet 15,000
Glorious Artillery Bracelet 15,000
Hand-Made Carnation 500
Harlequin's Mask 100,000
Infatuation Jewel, Night Palace key 1500
Magic Power Control Center Pass, Polluted Magic Control Center key 300
Occupied Shoreline Map, Occupied Coast key 800
Sea King's Scale, Forbidden Abyss key 150
Sealed Black Key, Tower of Darkness Hall key 400
Snowy White Horse 150
Three Headed Dragon Tag, Hypogeum of Death key 300

Fishing Points Edit

Fishing Points can be exchanged for:

Item Points
[Albert's Fishing Tackle] 1200
Ancient Book of Experience (merc. only) 300
Book of Experience (Adv) (merc. only) 50
Emblem of Trust 2400
[Enchant Stone III] 1,000
[Enchant Stone IV] 3,000
Enhanced Ancient Book of Experience 1200
Hand-Made Carnation 700

Guild Points Edit

Guild Points can be exchanged for (Guild Leader only):

Item Points
Alcatraz Key, Alcatraz Prison key 5000
Avalon Key, Avalon key 7500
Broken Stalactite Key, Golden Dragon's Cave key 1300
[Chaos Key], Chaotic Tower of Babel key 7500
[Cube of Amnesia], Valley of Oblivion key 1,500
[Guild] Feast with Craftsmanship 4000
[Guild] Feast with Friends 600
[Guild] Feast with Growth 2000
[Guild] Feast with Unity 3000
[Guild Operation Textbook] 550
[Immortal King's Key], Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huangdi key 1,000
[Key of Lunacy], Marksburg Castle key 500
[Ghost Commander's Key], Ghost Ship of the Caribbean key 3,000
[Snake Scale Key], Ruined Shrine of Snakes key 200
World Tree Gateway Key, Yggdrasil's Three Gateways key 7000

AT PointsEdit

AT Points can be exchanged for:

Item Points
Ares' Splendid Bracelet 450
Artemis' Splendid Bracelet 450
Ares' Splendid Earrings 450
Artemis' Splendid Earrings 450
Holy Ares' Bracelet 1200
Holy Artemis' Bracelet 1200
Holy Hestia's Bracelet 1200
Holy Metis' Bracelet 1200
Holy Ares' Earrings 1200
Holy Artemis' Earrings 1200
Holy Hestia's Earrings 1200
Holy Metis' Earrings 1200
Infatuation Jewel, Night Palace key 400
Hestia's Splendid Bracelet 450
Hestia's Splendid Earrings 450
Metis' Splendid Earrings 450
Metis' Splendid Bracelet 450