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1.The Doctor's Investigation Edit

Hmm. What do you want? Are you wounded? If you don't need anything, don't bother me. I'm extremely busy! What? You're not planning to venture into the Ruins of the Yellow River, are you? What do you know! Sima Qian has tricked yet another traveler! Oh ho! Well, at a glance, I can see that you have a very healthy body. I'd be surprised if you got sick just from going in there! And I like that glitter in your eyes! So full of curiosity! Haha. ~ You don't have to worry about that disease. But you could do this old man a favor. Enter Yosun Temple and hunt the Headless WarriorsHeadless Soldiers, and Headless Punishers. Bring me 20 Carapace Shards.

Mission: Carapace Shard x20


Hmm, great. It's well dried, and aged enough. It will go excellently in the special medicine I'm making! Hahaha, if Sima Qian finds out that I'm using this to make medicine, he will be infuriated. These Carapace Shards came from turtles. It's said that they were used for fortune-telling in the ancient times. Because of that, they contain some of that ancient writing Sima Qian loves so much.


  • Experience: 540
  • Gold: 10,000
  • Item: Ashen Crystal x20

2.Supplemental Materials Edit

The more I see you, the healthier you look. Yes, I'm talking about you! Don't you feel well? Don't worry! You can trust me! With a mere glance, I can measure any patient's health and vitality. It's my specialty! Don't underestimate Doctor Pien Chueh! By the way, I'm working on developing a new medicine for a special order. However, I'm missing the main ingredient! To think that the famous Doctor Pien Chueh would come across difficulty like this... ~ The ingredient I'm missing is Ginseng. Can you bring me 10 portions of Ginseng? You can either buy them at the Market or find them at Yosun Temple!

Mission: Ginseng x10


Oh! Thank you so much. Let me repay you by teaching you basic medicine crafting.


  • Experience: 450
  • Gold: 15,000
  • Crafting Skill: Medicine

3.Basics of Crafting Edit

Okay, now. Since you've gained the skill to craft medicine, why don't you try it out? At your skill level, Healing Potion [I] should be well within your abilities! ~ Here we go! Make 10 vials of Healing Potion [I]. Clicking the Medicine skill in the Skills window will show you the items that you can make right now. Gather all of the ingredients, enter the amount you want to make, and click Craft. Fight enemies to gain the workload necessary to craft your item, and voila! It's done! Once it's finished, click the icon at the collection window at the top corner of your screen to collect your items.

Mission: Craft [Healing Potion [I]] x10


With enough crafting skill, you can make most items yourself. Crafting can also be done through Item Info.  If you look up Healing Potion [I] under Medicine, you'll find the necessary ingredients listed. Hohoho. By the way, while you were off practicing, I finished the cure I was working on!

4.An Experimental Cure Edit

Hmm, but this medicine is not for you. I made this because a lady named Sul Hyang asked me to... I was quite suspicious, because it was a prescription I'd never heard of before. I'm calling it a Temporary Healing Potion for now, but I can't be certain about its effects just yet. This is the medicine that made me, the famous Doctor Pien Chueh, suffer so... ~ Anyway, take this to Lady Sul Hyang. You probably saw Sul Hyang near the entrance to the Ruins of the Yellow River. She's the witch with the pretty face.

Mission: [Please watch out.] from Sul Hyang


What!? Those monsters are actually the corpses of the missing people? My goodness, how horrifying! How dare they desecrate the bodies of the deceased! At least the patients who died from the disease didn't end up like that... Brrr... How is it that Lady Sul Hyang learned of this when the famous Doctor Pien Chueh hasn't learned a thing? This is all very suspicious. Sima Qian is hiding something too! He had a big argument with Sul Hyang earlier and he wouldn't tell me what it was about! I don't know what those two are trying to hide from me, but now is not the time. I can't stand it anymore! Confront Sima Qian and get to the bottom of this!


  • Experience: 600
  • Gold: 7,000
  • Item: Growth Vial [I] x7

5.Medicine Delivery Edit

Okay, it's all done. It hurts me to think that this kind of medicine might be in high demand. You said that it's for a Boy Monk, right? It must be hard to train as a Buddhist monk at such a young age... ~ Hurry up and treat that poor Boy Monk. Tut, tut...

Mission: [...] from Boy Monk




  • Experience: 10,500
  • Gold: 10,000
  • Item: Temporary Healing Potion x1

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