Perils of Avalon Update Edit

  • Update
  • Nov. 19, 2015

The island kingdom of the once and future king has emerged on the isle of Great Britain! Bring your Nation together to help Arthur take back his lost isles. This new Nation Dungeon will test your resolve, as well as your Nation and Guild coordination on a scale unseen. Will you take up your weapon to help a king conquer the darkness that has consumed his kingdom?

New Nation Dungeon - Avalon Edit


The new dungeon is set on the southern section of Great Britain with three massive floors dominated by adversity and hardships. Defeat the brainwashed rebellion on each floor while keeping the rebels away from your gates, for their destruction will mean your demise.

This Nation Dungeon features the classic Atlantica Online combat that you know and love, and the rebels of Avalon will scale to your level allowing even your newest members to fight by your side. The bosses, however, are a different story. You will require your most seasoned veterans to join you in battle if you wish to defeat the bosses of the Hostile Halls. Choose wisely and quickly, because either way your fate is sealed.

  • Perils of Avalon nation dungeon has been added.
  • You can enter [Avalon] through the [Avalon] gateway after using the [Avalon Key].
  • You can purchase the [Avalon Key] from NPC Pointry at the Bazaar in Rome.
  • There are three floors in this dungeon; you can only advance to a new floor once all monsters are cleared on the present floor.
  • Auto-Level Adjustment system for monsters has been added.
  • Monster’s level and stats will auto-adjust to the level of your main character, except for boss monsters.
  • Bonus rewards will be given based on your contribution when completing the dungeon; the more you contribute towards completion of the dungeon, the more rewards you will receive.
  • Players must be in the proper Nation Dungeon in order to receive the proper rewards.
General Rewards 1st Floor Clear Rewards 2nd Floor Clear Rewards 3rd Floor Clear Rewards
Lv.1 - Lv.130 King Arthur's Trophyx1 King Arthur's Trophy x1 King Arthur's Trophy x3
Lv.131 - Lv.160 King Arthur's High Quality Trophy x1 King Arthur's High Quality Trophy x1 King Arthur's High Quality Trophy x3
Lv.161 - Lv.170 King Arthur's Holy Trophy x1 King Arthur's Holy Trophy x1 King Arthur's Holy Trophy x3

Found in the King’s Trophies are the two most prolific items associated with him that you can use to decorate your house with - a statue of the Sword in the Stone and a feast on his round table. There are many other prizes fit for a king, especially this one. Take the task of the King, and battle your way to earn a king’s ransom.

Kingdom for a King Edit


The once shrouded kingdom was a peaceful and tranquil place. But, as in all stories, darkness had found its way to creep in. The dark deeds did not go unnoticed as the words of respite reached the ears of Arthur. With a heavy heart, Arthur shattered the veil to rescue those he can and find those responsible.

With the mystic Avalon now revealed, King Arthur can be recruited to your formation. Once you reach level 100, you must speak with Arthur Pendragon outside the gates of Avalon. Arthur will enlighten your knowledge with the story of the fallen kingdom of Avalon and how he thinks its fate came to pass. Complete all the of King’s requests and he will join your ranks!

Mercenary: King Arthur Edit

  • The King Arthur recruitment quest has been added.
  • King Arthur and his men must investigate the corruption that has taken hold on his beloved isle of Avalon. With clues and cunning, help Arthur free the denizens of the once prosperous kingdom while driving back the dark forces. The dark forces will take hold of anyone susceptible to their corruption, so be careful. Meet NPC [Arthur Pendragon] and recruit him, the once and future king, as a mercenary.
  • You can begin the quest at Lv. 100 through NPC [Arthur Pendragon] outside of [Edinburgh]. He stands with his men at arms near the entrance.
  • King Arthur mercenary has two sides; the light side has the Sage King Arthur and the dark side has Dark King Arthur. Each version of King Arthur has a unique unlocked skill.
  • The quest can be reset by using the Secrets of Time book [Secrets of Time: Arthur].
  • New King Arthur skills [Sage Sword Excalibur] and [King’s Command] have been added.
  • [King’s Command] has the ability to seal the physical attack of enemies in a row, while [Sage Sword Excalibur] unleashes the power of Excalibur on all foes.
  • Sage King Arthur’s [Sage King’s Dignity] will protect all allies from all magic attacks and increase stats.
  • Dark King Arthur’s [Dark Legacy] will inflict powerful damage on enemies and seals all magic attacks.
  • [Book: Sage Sword Excalibur], [Book: Sage King’s Dignity], [Book:Guardian Sheath], and [Book: Dark Legacy] can all be obtained from [Avalon], the new nation dungeon.

Avalon Guardian Event Edit

In order to celebrate the new dungeon, we’ll be running some events! Be one of the first three nations to complete the Avalon in Peril dungeon and you’ll receive an Avalon Guardian title. Being first is important, but being fast counts too! If you’re one of the three fastest nations to complete the dungeon, you’ll also receive a title, and all titles awarded during the event will grant bonuses to Attack Power, Defense, and EXP for one hour.

World Boss Feature Edit

  • The bosses in the Perils of Avalon Dungeon are World Bosses.
  • The health of the World Bosses is shared with all players within the dungeon.
  • The health gauge of the world boss can be checked by everyone inside the dungeon, as well as the players fighting in a boss room, and everyone outside of a boss room.
  • The World Bosses allow numerous players to attack, allowing for different strategies to be deployed.
  • The World Bosses will not start the fights, as the player must actively engage first.
  • All World Boss fights are 1-on-1.

Mercenary Update Edit

The following mercenaries now have scaling magic:

General Edit

  • NPC [Raina] has been added. She will trade you mercenary summons for the same mercenary summons but at Lv. 140. She is located at the Bazaar in Rome next to NPC [Erin]. For example, you can trade in [[[Hwarang's Letter|Hwarang’s Letter]]] x 5 for [Hwarang’s Letter [Lv. 140]] x 1.
  • Auto-move to location added for craft NPCs.
  • Necromancer skills Blood Curse/Resurrection both now scale, and watchful soul passive has been buffed.
  • Blood Curse is now 2 cool down instead of 3, targets 2 mobs in a column, and adds combo count.
  • Dryad's Wildwood Regeneration skill has been reduced to 2cd instead of 3cd.
  • Dryad's Evergreen Grace passive now has a +multi-hit effect.
  • You can now set certain quest lines as favorites.
  • When a craft skill can be leveled, an option is available to teleport to the NPC.
  • The game now remembers which mercs were disabled the last time you played.
  • Dimension Strider invasion: daily mob count required reduced from 30 to 10.
  • Market: 5 item display limit is removed.
  • Gold value in bank is now color coded.
  • Quest item to craft will now appear top of the list automatically, no more search scrolling.
  • Ability of Raid Dungeon Labyrinthos [Furious Minotaur King] and [Furious Minotaur King] have been adjusted.
  • Minotaur King's HP has been increased (increased 150% in contrast to existing HP).
  • Stun has been added to Minotaur King's AoE.
  • Recovery and Defense buff every turn added to Minotaur King's passive magic. (Activates when HP is below 40%).
  • Stun has been added to Minotaur King's secondary magic. (Activates when HP is below 60% / this magic activates along basic attack).
  • Piercing damage has been added to Minotaur King's secondary magic. (Activation changed from HP below 25% to 40% / a type of magic that counterattacks when hit)

Bug Fixes Edit

  • An issue with My Home skills has been fixed.
  • An issue with Imperial Tarantula AB mount not working has been fixed (MAX AB : 70).
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