Newest Nation dungeon introduced on 11/19/2015

This dungeon is for the mercenary King Arthur.

NPC Arthur Pendragon outside of the town Edinburgh.

This dungeon is a 2 hour long and has a 60 hour cool down (CD).

Breakdown of the Dungeon Edit

1st floor Edit

Goal: to kill everything

There are 3 gates and 100 mobs

Have to protect allied gate (cookie)

Gate will spawn mobs

2nd floor Edit

Goal: to rescue fairy and knights

There are 4 different mobs you have to rescue:

  • 120 Manipulated Fairy
  • 120 Manipulated Knight
  • 80 Enthralled Fairy
  • 80 Enthralled Knight

There are 4 Gate (2 on left side and 2 on right side)

Have to protect allied gates (cookie) in the middle of the map

Mob spawned by Gate contain only Manipulated Fairy/ Knights

Mobs from Puppeteer of Darkness contains only Manipulated Fairy and Knights.

When you kill the boss, you will rescue the surviving fairy and knights, thus this will decrease the fairy or knight needed to be rescued.

Warning: If you kill any fairy or Knight, then there will be Puppeteer of Darkness spawning on the map.

Puppeteer of Darkness are lvl 180 mobs with fairy and knights. it has extremely high HP.


After all Fairy and Knight are rescued, you have to kill all puppeteer of darkness to move to 3rd floor

3rd floor Edit

Goal: kill world boss

One boss with 2 forms. (first form is spear, 2nd form is staff)

Last Boss is Merlin and he has 666 million HP

Boss fight is only 1v1, no one can join and a party will not work.

Every check point of boss HP, statues will spawn do one of the following:

Statues Effects
[Destructive Knight States] Each time a Destructive Knight Statue is destroyed the boss takes piercing damage.
[Invincible Knight Statues] Until the states disappear the boss is invincible
[Guardian Knight Statues] After enough time passes, the Statue restore the boss's health (about 2million per second)
[Enraged Knight of Statues] While the states stand, damage dealt to the boss is reflected.
[Knight Statues of Life] Each time a statue is destroyed, allies regain some health and MP
[Knight statues of immunity] The states absorbs damage of class at random and give a powerful damage reflection to the boss.

General Tips Edit

The gates are fairly weak and they do not use magic AOE. Gate are also immune to range attacks.

2nd floor TIPS- (opinion based ) Edit

It is best to remove any item that does AOE because the fairy and knight have low HP.

Remove any dragon mounts: Wyvern, fire drake, frost dragon, skull dragon, phoenix

Remove any statue in my home: Minotaur King statue, Forgotten City Guardian Statue, Skuld, Urd, Verdandi

Refrain from Auto-battle

3rd Floor Tips (Opinion) Edit

  • It is best that members of the nation that is not capable of fighting the World Bosses to spread out and wait for statues to appear and it is also not recommended for all Nation members to the bosses and no one is destroying the statues
  • Before the "attacker" fight the bosses make sure you bring Purification,Awakening,Resurrection,Scroll Of Cure,and Scroll of empowerment and Miracle Potions in your inventory
  • You cannot party the 2 bosses.
  • 2 extra mobs will join the fight to help the bosses. These mobs magic will silence your entire form (hence why purification scroll is necessary)
  • The first boss Dark Lancelot has Axe attack pattern. He has 1 magic
    • A passive skill that stuns the primary target of Lancelot's attack
  • The second boss Dark Merlin has Bow attack pattern. He has 2 magic
    • A passive skill that allows Merlin's basic attack to damage the entire formation and reduces HUGE amount of AP
    • An active skill that damage the entire formation. Causes serious damage over time and debuffs

Rewards Edit

1st floor 2nd floor 3rd floor
lvl 1-130 King Arthur's Trophy x1 King Arthur's Trophy x1 King Arthur's Trophy x1
lvl 131-160 King Arthur's High Quality Trophy x1 King Arthur's High Quality Trophy x1 King Arthur's High Quality Trophy x1
lvl 161-170 King Arthur's Holy Trophy x1 King Arthur's Holy Trophy x1 King Arthur's Holy Trophy x1

Top Boss Attacker 1/2/3

+20 boxes

4th place

+15 boxes

5th place - 10th place

+10 boxes

Top statue