Notes On Patch Update of Feb. 18 Edit

  • Update
  • Feb. 18 2009

New Main Character Classes Edit

Musician Edit

  • The Musician, armed with a guitar and light armor, can play music to strike two enemies in a line.
  • The Musician’s Ravaging Melody magic helps players’ attack by decreasing enemies’ Attack Power, defense, and health.

Maniac Edit

  • The power saw-wielding Maniac can attack enemies in a row.
  • The Maniac’s Storm Blast magic causes severe damage and lowers enemies’ might.
  • The Maniac can only be created after you have reached Lv. 100.

New Mercenary Edit

  • The Elementalist is a new B-Class mercenary, and when upgraded becomes Pocahontas.
  • The Elementalist can be recruited from NPC Wise Orenda near the Eternal Ravine in North America; must be at least Lv. 100 to take on this quest.

Mercenary Lease System Edit

  • Players can now lease up to 2 mercenaries for Free Leagues, from NPC Proximo in Rome, near the fountain.
  • When leasing mercenaries, can give them all skills for a Set fee.

New Main Character-Only Magic Edit

  • Sword: [Chaos Edge]: Damages an enemy with a blade of darkness; enemies who are affected by Brutal Will or Seth’s Will takes additional damage.
  • Axe: [Warrior’s Rage]: Overpowers enemies in a burst of rage.
  • Spear: [Flame Spear]: Cause severe damage in a cross pattern.
  • Cannon: [Devastation Shell]: Devastates enemy formations with a deadly cannonball.
  • Gun: [Scorching Bullets]: Burns enemies with scorching bullets; enemies who are affected by Deep Insight or Smoke Bomb takes additional damages.
  • Bow: [Arrow Cascade]: Strikes enemies with a volley of arrows.
  • Staff: [Flame Blow]: Burns enemies with a scorching flame.

Equipment Exchange Edit

  • NPC Wild Cat in Rome will exchange your grade 10 equipment of Lv. 70 or higher for a higher level equipment at grade 7 or higher.
  • a Oriharukon Enhance stone is required for the exchange.

New Quests Edit

Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town Edit

  • a new dungeon for the main story line, Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town, has been added for players Lv. 115-plus.
  • to Begin the quest, players must go to the NPC Wuma near Chang an.

Lijiang Women’s Village Edit

  • This main storyline quest for players Lv. 108-plus starts with the NPC Cheng-Lin located southwest of Central Asia.

Sea of Clouds Tower Edit

  • This main character upgrade quest for players Lv. 100-plus has been added so that players’ main characters can learn a main-only skill.
  • This quest can be obtained through NPC Monk Dingxian.

Human Heritage I Edit

  • This sub-quest for players Lv. 65-plus in the Valley of the Kings is to help the NPC Dispatcher Francis, located near Cairo.

Additional Quest Info Edit

  • Sima Quan’s Greeting quest has been added for players Lv. 20. (Must complete quest to level above 20)
  • NPC Chu Lian and NPC Tai Hua Gong quests have been added.
  • NPC Dispatcher Hughes’ quest has been added.
  • Lost Saqqaq Tribe has been added for Lv. 98-plus players.
  • The title of Terminator has been added from NPC Thalia.
  • NPC Mystery Acong has been added in front of Rome.
    • Smoked Salmon (from the item mall) is used to exchange various items from Mystery Acong.
    • Players, who must be Lv. 70 or above, can exchange Smoked Salmon only once.

New Dungeons Edit

Alcatraz Prison Edit

  • This 7-character Nation Dungeon, located near Vancouver, is now available to the King who controls Vancouver; the King will receive the Key of Alcatraz in his/her mailbox.
  • The rewards for this dungeon include the Prison Officer’s Safe, from which the rare Officer’s Shotgun can be obtained.

Valley of Oblivion Edit

  • This Guild Dungeon is in North America and can be activated with the Cube of Amnesia, which can be purchased from the NPC Pointry with guild points.
  • The rewards for this dungeon include the Evil Protector’s Box, from which Elementalist quest items and the rare Storm Bringer can be obtained.
  • to enter the Eternal Ravine, players must first obtain the Cube Shard from the monsters in the Room of Cubes sub-dungeon in the Valley of Oblivion.

Sealed Tower of Darkness Edit

  • This Individual Dungeon for Lv. 101-plus players must be activated with the Sealed Black Key, obtained from NPC Pointry with battle points.
  • The Sealed Tower of Darkness is connected to other dungeons, so when players kill a boss, they can obtain a key for another dungeon.
  • The rewards include Nosferatu’s Equipment Box.

Birthday System Edit

  • A character’s birthday can be Found in My Info > Character > Birthday Info.
  • A birthday notice mail will be sent 15 days, 7 days, and 1 day before, as well as the day of, your main character’s birthday.
  • The NPC Birthday Gift-giving Acong near Bordeaux will give you a Gift Box the day before and on your main character’s birthday.
  • Your main character and mercenaries will automatically level up to the next level on your main character’s birthday.

PvP Edit

  • All monetary rewards have been doubled.
  • Lower division XP book rewards have been increased.
  • The reward for participating in a Weekly Championship has been increased to 1 Atlantis Silver Coin.
  • Rewards for observers have been added.
  • Turn Time limit has been reduced from 30 seconds to 25 seconds.

Community Edit

  • Nations can now gain experience points to level up.
  • Only Nations above Lv. 5 may Use King’s Judgment.
  • Nations now have a Nation Storage; storage size will depend on the Nation’s level.
  • Storage can be accessed from NPC Caesar > Nation List > Nation Storage.
  • Guild/Town quests now yield more experience and guild points
  • New quests have been added
  • Manager’s Scrolls can be used only 5 times in a day.
  • When a player below Lv. 30 sends mail, he/she will expend 50% Will (does not apply to friend/guild/mentor/referrer mails).
  • View your referrals from a new menu accessible via Community > Referral.
  • When a friend levels up beyond 50, you will gain additional experience for up to an hour(previously it was 10 minutes).
  • Referrals will no longer give points upon Registration; points are given after they hit level 30.

Crafting Edit

  • These new medicines can now be crafted: Alchemist’s Stone, Origin of Darkness, and Jiuyodian.
  • A new tool, Enriched Adamantium Ingot, can now be crafted.
  • Skill books for the Maniac’s and Musician’s magic skills can now be crafted.

Items Edit

  • Lv. 113 equipment, Phoenix’s Equipment, has been added.
  • Players will now receive a message with how many boxes they can Open for the remainder of the day after every 10 box uses (Note: trading a book with Goncourt counts as a box Use).
  • Licenses and spell books have been deleted from the Mercenary’s Wooden Box, Mercenary’s Bronze Box, and Mercenary’s Steel Box.
  • The drop list of Guard Towers and Generators in Guild/Nation Dungeons has been modified to match the mid-boss drops from that dungeon.
  • Buff books from Guild/Nation Dungeons Tower of Babel, Ghost Shop of the Caribbean, and Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huangdi have had their expiration times removed.
  • The Immortal Hearts requirement for the Dark Archer quest has been reduced.
  • Scroll of Confusion has had its casting Time increased to 3 turns.
  • Players must be at Lv. 20 or above to Use De Mere’s Equipment Box Roulette.
  • a maximum of 50,000 elements can be obtained when dismantling equipment.
  • Players can now receive Flame Elements instead of Sea Elements when dismantling depraved equipment.
  • Quest items now have a “Q” mark on their icon.

Monsters Edit

  • Disguised Tlaltecuhtli’s magic has been changed from Magic Defense to Resurrect.
  • Bewitching Succubus Queen’s magic has been changed.
  • Temptation seduces the enemies to stop attacking.
  • Davy Jones’ True Form and Incarnation of Davy Jones have been changed to have their attack based on the Number of mobs surrounding them.
  • Yggdrasil 2F monsters’ basic attack has increased.
  • Yggdrasil Seal Monsters’ critical attack has increased.
  • Sedna’s maximum health points and magic defense have been decreased While her basic attack has increased.
  • Giustiniani’s magic has been changed and his maximum health points have been decreased.
  • Marksburg Castle’s Great Sorceress’s magic has been changed.

Interface Edit

  • The Mercenary Room has been increased from 10 slots to a maximum of 20.
  • The Extended Material Bag has been increased to hold 4 rows, up from 2; the interface has been changed, as well.
  • Blessing Potions and Auto-Search Licenses can be turned on and off by going to My Info > Character > Effect; however, the duration Time will keep running.
  • You can now turn passive magic on or off, by going to My Info > Skills > Magic.
  • Uncheck Auto-Battle to turn off; check Auto-Battle to turn on.

World Environment Edit

  • Vancouver has been added to North America
  • New York and Vancouver are now up for bidding
  • New battle maps have been added in the southern area of Northeast Asia and Valley of Oblivion near North America.
  • Rome has a new place called the Library, where Shakespeare will stay.
  • Plaza of the Dead, Frozen Adlivun, Terrace of Light, and Terrace of Darkness’s maps have been improved.
  • Central Asia outdoors has been updated.

Mount Book Edit

  • The Mount Book is accessible through Game Info > Mount Book.
  • Mounts can now be stored, just like the warehouse.
  • There is a service fee of 100,000 gold per mount stored.
  • Storing mounts will generate Collection Points every day.
  • You can Use Collection Points to purchase items from NPC Pointry.

General Changes and Bug Fixes Edit

  • 3 new hairstyles have been added: Long Wave, Afro and Rasta
  • Players can now Send mail in bulk to their Nations, Guilds, and Friends for a fixed price (500,000 for nations, 100,000 for guilds, and 50,000 for friends).
  • The launcher has been updated.
  • Betting amounts have been increased by 5 times.
  • The Number of items you can sell in the market increases at level 90 and every 10 levels thereon.
  • Players can now choose to hide their weapon.
  • The Challenge button will no longer flash While in battle.
  • My Store categories are now alphabetized.
  • The Experience Obtained window While in a party has been modified.
  • Quiz Room management is now implemented.
  • The Trading Post system has been added; with each town's Trading Post selling and trading regional products; prices will fluctuate based on the products’ availability.
  • You must buy the Trade Permission item from the market for a fixed price before you can buy and sell regional products.