Notes For Patch Update On Dec. 16, 2008Edit

  • Update
  • Dec. 16 2008

Details on the patch update and new content are listed below.

Level Cap Increase

  • The level cap has been increased to 120; players who have continued to collect experience points will have it added to their next level.

New Regions Edit

  • Players can now travel to North America and Central China, which can be reached from Northern Europe and Northeast Asia, respectively.

New Mercenaries Edit

  • Added new B-Class mercenary, Spartan.
  • Added new B-Class mercenary, Sailor.
  • Hero Robin Hood and Hero Bluetooth can be upgraded to Dark Archer and Northern Viking, respectively, becoming C-class mercenaries.

Quests Edit

  • Players can start the Sailor quest (level 100+) by speaking with Mary Read, near the entrance of the Ghost Ship of the Caribbean.
  • New mercenary quests for the Northern Viking and Dark Archer have been added.
    • Northern Viking: Start quest by speaking with Freydis near the entrance of Frozen Adlivun. Upon completion, player will receive the Legendary Viking’s Spirit Stone.
    • Dark Archer: Start quest by speaking with Chironia, near Prague. Upon completion, player will receive the Immortal Spirit Stone.
  • Constantinople Battlefield sub-quest has been added.
    • Quest can be obtained from NPC Murat and NPC Mustafa near Istanbul (Lv. 96 and above). Upon completion, player will be rewarded with a main character-only weapon.

Dungeons Edit

Individual Dungeons Edit

  • Players can now explore new, “individual” dungeons: Hypogeum of Death, Forbidden Abyss, and Arachne’s Nest.
  • Individual Dungeons are restricted to a group of 6: your 5 highest mercenaries plus your main character.
  • Access to each dungeon is possible buy purchasing corresponding keys from the merchant Pointry.
  • Players will be rewarded with a selectable box. Rewards will be mailed to your inbox upon completion of the dungeon.

Guild Dungeons Edit

  • Guilds can now explore these new dungeons: Temple of the Banished and Golden Dragon’s Cave, located in Central China.
    • Both dungeons are high reward-yielding dungeons that can be accessed with a Broken Stalactite key. Players will be rewarded with a Sealed Dragon’s Emblem Box, containing high-quality items, including a rare weapon. 5 Broken Stalactite Keys will be sent to inbox of the Nation King ruling over Chongqing every day at 6 a.m. PST

New Buff System Edit

  • Each player title will now give buffs. The effects of a buff will be removed upon logging off; however, players can select a different title to get a different buff. Buffs will be renewed every day at 6 a.m. PST.
  • Guild buffs added.
  • All buffs will be removed while in the Free Leagues and tournaments.

PvP Edit

  • A mercenary auto-battle option has been implemented in the Free Leagues. Players who select this option will be matched up against other Free League beginners who select this option.
  • A doppelganger of your party will be created for battle when there are no opponents to face in the Free Leagues.
  • The total duration of the Free Leagues has been changed to 90 minutes.
  • King’s Judgment is restricted to 10 times per day.
  • Chaos Wind has been fixed to 5 turns in competition.
  • Damage for a Sword main’s Dark Seed has been increased for competition.
    • Increased duration has been fixed to 5 turns.
  •  Free League bracket has been tightened for fair competition.
    • Players will now be matched up against others within one division.
  • A Challenge send system has been added. This allows players to send a Challenge to random players for up to 5 times.
    • Players will receive Battle points and Atlantis Coins for PvP that occurs through a Challenge sent.

Community Edit

  • Guild level cap has been increased to 110.
  • A guild position of Chief Officer has been added. This position will act as the second in command to the guild master, and will have increased authority, including the authority to apply for town control.
  • Nation-related notices can be observed in the “Nation Establish” window.
  • The leading guild under a nation can no longer establish or rejoin a nation for 24 hours.
  • The cost for establishing a nation will increase every year in accordance with in-game time.
  • The king cannot change the capitol without the consent of the guild leader in control of the capitol city.
  • The friends list has had its cap increased to 50.

Items Edit

  • Book: Multi Arrow [Beg] and Book: Ice Ridge Axe [Beg] can be purchased for a fixed price in the market.
  • All crystals can be purchased for a fixed price in the market.
  • Players can no longer craft Power Up Licenses (20-hour).
  • Level requirements for mounts have been reduced.

Crafting Edit

  • Book: Multi Arrow [Int, Adv] and Book: Ice Ridge Axe [Int, Adv] can be crafted with the craft skill book.
  • The ingredients to craft Giant and Redemption jewelry have been reduced.

General Changes and Bug Fixes Edit

  • The frequency and times for the Arena have been changed; the Arena will be held six times a day, at 12 a.m., 4 a.m., 8 a.m., 12 p.m., 4 p.m., and 8 p.m. (all Pacific Standard Time).
  • The trade limits for personal and email trade have been increased to 1 billion; the trade limits for the personal store and market have been increased to 5 billion.
  • The Northern Europe map has been updated. Please check for updated festival areas and gardens.
  • Fields are now sorted based on their characteristics.
  • Fixed a bug that forced players to return to the first menu in the default Skills window when using Share Info.
  • Guilds/Nations must meet level requirements when obtaining Guild/Nation Dungeons.
  • Sub-quests which used to reward rare weapons now offer boxes as an alternative.
  • Mercenary formation for the Arena has been diversified.
  • Players can select to show/hide helmets and armors from their equipment window in the inventory. The option from the settings has been removed.
  • A bullet icon has been added for gun/cannon/bow users. The icon will display how much ammunition you have remaining: yellow for 1-49, red for 0.
  • Players can now confirm the Auto-Battle status from the Description window in the inventory.
  • An “Auto-Battle” text will appear when Auto-Battle is enabled.