A party is a group of up to 3 players.
In Atlantica, it is very common to be in a party even when you are not in the same place. There's even a term for that: long distance party (LDP). You will find people in chat asking for an LDP if they want a party.

There are frequent events and bonus buff periods where you get double party experience, and sometimes even triple party experience, so it pays to be partied. For triple party experience, make sure you are in a full party of 3 players.

If a player in the same party as you starts a battle and you are within a few feet of that player, you will join the battle.

Players will sometimes request that someone help them start a party so that they can form a squad, which is required for some things, like running TBS missions in squad mode. If that player is a friend or in your guild or nation, it's nice to help that player out.

You can start a party by:

  • Right-clicking on a nearby player and choosing Party from the pop up menu
  • Right-clicking on a player in your Community List (Friend, Guild or Nation tab) and choosing Party from the pop up menu

Party Leader Edit

The player whose name is in green is the party leader, which matters for things like:

Squad Edit

You can turn a party into a squad. A squad is a grouping of up to 10 parties, so it can hold up to 30 players. See the squad page for more.

Loot Mode Edit

The combo list at the bottom allows the party leader to change the loot mode. Options are:

  • Random (default): the game automatically distributes loot randomly
  • Individual: loot goes to the individual party member who loots the item(s)
  • Leader: all loot goes to the leader

Scaling Monsters Edit

Some monsters scale their level to the level of the highest Main Character in a Party when Combat begins. This can be good (Experience is based on the highest level character in the fight) and bad (Damage is based on the highest level character in the fight).

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