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Patch Notes - November 26, 2020[]

  • Nov. 26 2020

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to today's patch content breakdown for November 26, 2020!

Today's patch features new bundled items, new decorations, and new rewards

- Server Refresh

- Add New Weapons[]

: Hephaestus' Silver Hammer (Axe)

: Hephaestus' Gold Hammer (Axe)

: Feather de Milan (Instrument)

"Weapons can be found in Merchant Acong (Thanksgiving Event)"

- Legendary Weapon Selection Box contents modified

: Contains new additional weapons

- Added New Titles[]

: Autumn Seasonal Champion

: Titan League Champion


- Added Daily Exploration Rewards- End of Halloween Event

: Removed Halloween Quest NPC

: Halloween Exchange NPC stays until next update

- Start of Thanksgiving Event

: Adjusted Event Monster Drops

: Additional Rewards for Exchange NPC (Merchant Acong)

: Return of Mr. Turkey Man NPC (Location: Antillia Gate)

: Added Event Hourly Giveaway

- Black Friday

: Added Black Friday content to Exchange NPC Yong Yong

: Modified exchange rewards and exchange rates

Item Mall[]

- 50% Off Mercenary Skin Enhancement Activated- Black Friday Collector Box

- Black Friday Hot Bundle

- Black Friday Mega Box

- Black Friday Mega Weapon Box

- Black Friday Modern Box