A Northern Viking is an upgraded (to class C) Viking (class D) mercenary.

After years at sea, the Viking has learned to endure the greatest assaults. With a swing of his mighty axe, he can hit up to 3 enemies in a row, and his Ice Ridge Axe is even more potent than Freezing Axe.

You can have up to 1 of this mercenary.

Assessment Edit

A Northern Viking is a pretty good merc at low levels (e.g. < level 120), especially when you consider that he has already completed all standard upgrades up to level 100, so the first upgrade he will need is at 120 (by when you will probably have a better merc in your formation to replace him).

Most importantly, a Northern Viking has much better Magic Defense than a regular Viking, whose Magic Defense is awful, but it's still not very high. The Northern Viking can also use Ice Ridge Axe in addition (or instead of) Freezing Axe; Ice Ridge Axe is essentially and upgraded version of Freezing Axe.

Another downside is that after you retire him from your formation, you cannot employ him in your home (you can do so with a standard Viking).

Characteristics Edit

Attributes Edit

(At level 100)

Basic Attack Edit

Recruitment Edit

Upgrades Edit

Giant Jewel

Class Level Requirements Str Int Dex Vit Def MDef
Northern Viking I 100 None 478 250 158 445 658 120
Northern Viking II 120 100 Giant Jewel 506 266 165 461 748 120
Northern Viking III 130 150 Giant Jewel 539 282 175 481 848 120
Northern Viking IV 140 150 Giant Jewel 576 301 186 505 974 120
Northern Viking V 150 150 Giant Jewel 616 321 198 531 1115 120
Northern Viking VI 160 150 Giant Jewel 739 385 237 637 1338 120

Skills Edit

This Mercenary can use these Magic Skills:

Deadly strike Deadly Strike Edit

A strike of desperation while on the verge of death. The attack puts a strain on your Action Power, delaying your next turn.

Freezing axe Freezing Axe Edit

Freeze an enemy for some time with a blast of ice from your axe.

Ice ridge axe Ice Ridge Axe Edit

This magic allows to lock up your enemies in an ice ridge by drawing freezing power from the core of the earth.