Combat is the state that characters are considered to be in when engaged in a fight with enemy forces. Combat is turn-based, allowing players and their opponents to attack each other one after another.

The are 2 types of Combat, Normal Combat and TBS. This article is about Normal Combat. See the TBS page for TBS Combat.


Normal Combat

Normal Combat Turns Edit

  • Each player and his opponents take turns. Each turn lasts 30 seconds.
  • The player/group who initiates the fight goes first.
  • Each player gets to use up to 5 characters (main or mercenaries) each turn. At the start of each turn, the characters in each formation with the most Action Power are selected as the active characters. Active characters will have a green circle around their feet.
  • Each character must have at least 100 Action Power to do anything. You may be able to move fewer than 5 characters per turn due to lack of Action Power.

Combat Actions Edit


Battle Controls. If you have mercenaries in Merc Rooms, they will show up in slots 1-4 in the second row.

  • Attack (A): Left-click (or press A) on an enemy to attack it using physical attack (using your weapon). Costs 100 Action Power.
  • Main Magic Attack: Right-click on an enemy to attack it using your first/main magic attack. Action Power cost varies by skill.
  • Magic Attack: Press the keyboard key of any magic skill (Q, W, E R or T), then left-click on an enemy to attack it using that magic attack. Action Power cost varies by skill.
  • Friendly Magic use: Press the keyboard key of any magic skill (Q, W, E R or T), then left-click on an ally to cast beneficial magic on it (e.g. a heal or awaken). Action Power cost varies by skill.
  • Guard (G): this puts the selected character into a defensive position and moves the focus to the next available character. Costs 50 Action Power.
  • Wait (F): this skips a turn for the current character. Doing so loses no Action Power, but also does not give another character a turn.
  • Move (D): move the selected character to a different position in the formation. Costs 50 Action Power.
  • Search (S): Search makes the selected character search a dead enemy's body to loot it. Costs 50 Action Power.
  • Search All (X): Search All makes for all active characters search dead enemies' bodies to loot them. Costs 50 Action Power/merc.
  • Press F1-F5 to use a quick slot item (e.g. a potion or scroll).
  • Press 1, 2, 3 or 4 to swap a merc from an unlocked merc room with the selected character (PvE only).
  • Press ` to end the turn.

Also see the Keyboard Controls page.

Tracking Combo Count Edit

Keep an eye on the combo count for your characters. Each time a character is hit with a physical attack, you will see the combo count pop up (e.g. combo 1, combo 2). Try to counter stuns before they happen. For example, if you have a Monk, cast Awakening when the combo count is 1 or 2. By the time it reaches 3, the character is stunned and takes more damage than when not stunned. See the Stun page for more information about dealing with stuns.

Flying Enemies Edit

Flying enemies cannot be hit directly by melee attacks. They can only be hit by Magic Skills and Ranged and Magic attacks. The other thing to take notice of is that if the front line is made up flying units, you can attack the land mobs behind it. Note, that a flying mob can directly fly over your front line to hit any units you have in the middle row.

Auto Battle Edit

Your characters can fight autonomously under certain conditions. This is called Auto-Battle. See the Auto-Battle page for details.

Death and Retreating Edit

See the main Death page for details.

Tips Edit

  • Press Z to reset the camera to it's default setting.
  • You can go to the My Info menu > Skills > Magic > select a char > select a skill to change the keybinding for magic skills for all characters currently in your formation.

See also: Healing, Formation