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Hi and welcome to Atlantica Online!

This New Player FAQ is a list of frequent questions. This is intended to be brief, but will link you to more in-depth pages on the Wiki.

The next page you should probably look at is Beginner Tips, which lists some of the first things you should do with a new character.


  • Why can't I send mail to other players? Mail requires that new Characters be level 80 and have played (been logged in) at least 72 hours.
  • Why can't I buy from the Item Mall even though I have GCoins? New accounts are unable to purchase from the Item Mall until you have completed the Level 100 Main Character Upgrade Quest.
  • How can I re-map or re-bind the control keys? Unfortunately, there is no way to change your key configuration at this time.
  • How do I open a box? Right-click it
  • How do I receive or send mail? See mail
  • How do I get to my guild's town? Click the Community list, click on the Guild tab, then the Go to Town button.
  • How do I contact someone who is AFK? Don't be surprised if players you whisper (/t playername) are AFK and don't reply for hours. It's very common for players to be logged into AO 24/7, even if not active, to auto-battle, auto-craft, fish, or simply to receive Daily Exploration and/or event rewards. Atlantica is also a truly international game. Even though the servers are officially North American (Server time is Pacific Standard Time (PST)), there are players from around the world. The person you whisper might be literally around the world from you and sleeping.
  • How can I make my chat window less busy? Chat Tip: by default, all chat channels are enabled. When you are new to the game and especially new to a guild, you probably want o focus on guild and nation chat and not all the global sales spa, etc.m that scrolls by. Click the checkbox next to the chat window and uncheck the 'All' checkbox. That should eliminate most of the messages you are not interested in. You can always check it again later.
  • Daily Exploration Tip: the Daily Exploration rewards are on occasion bugged and you don't get them at midnight server time. Leave town or any zone by walking or teleporting and the reward will pop up.
  • How do I add something to Guild Craft? See Guild Crafting
  • How do I get the Ancient Fury skill? As soon as you hit level 60, start the Overdrive quest line with Master Simon in Rome, it will get you the Ancient Fury skill. You can find this quest line in the quest log's Sub Quest > General section.
  • What's this invasion that happens on occasion? Historical Invasions are recurring events.
  • How do I get to an NPC that is surrounded by players and I can't click on the NPC? Change your system settings temporarily from the System menu > Settings > Graphics > Change 'Normal Avatars' from 'Print All' to 'Use Simplified Character'
  • When do my free licenses expire? At level 80. Every new character gets a full set of licenses for free from level 1 - 80.
  • How can I speed up the event roulette wheel (for event rewards)? Close the wheel after every spin and reopen it. This way, you don't have to endure the 5 second cool down between spins.

Mercenaries and Skills[]

  • How can I recruit Mercenary X? There are many ways to recruit the 70+ Mercenaries in Atlantica Online. Many have recruitment quests, some do not, some are event rewards, some are only sold on the Item Mall (you can often buy these from the Market or other players). The main Mercenary page lists every mercenary available. From there, you can visit the page for each individual mercenary. It will show you how to recruit that mercenary and an overview of that mercenary, including total cost of ownership or that mercenary (recruitment, skills and upgrade jewels).
  • What are the best mercs in the free Merc boxes that new characters get? Each new character also gets 4 Mercenary Selection Summon Marbles by level 120, from which you can choose a free merc. See this page for the choices you get from this.
  • How Can I Get/Level Skill X? Some skill books drop from monsters as loot. You can also buy most skill books on the market. Some skills books are sold on the Item Mall. Higher level skills books (II - skill level 21-40, III - skill level 41-60 and IV - skill level 61-80) can be crafted from lower level skill books. You can also use Atlas Ore to raise skills; make sure you do the math of whether using Atlas Ore or buying skill books would cost more. -- Legion Mercenaries do not use skill books, their skills automatically increase with each upgrade.

Scion of Atlantis Sealed Book Box: applies to the original set of main classes: Knight, Dragoon, Reaver, Rifleman, Marksman, Bombardier, Maestro, Mage, Berserker.

Atlantis Hero Sealed Book Box: applies to the hero classes: Celestial Hunter

Atlantis Sealed Book Box: applies to the Atlantian classes: Blademaster/Mistress, Battlemage, and Stormcaller.


  • Can I run Multiple Game Clients? Yes, you can. To do so, you need multiple game accounts, you cannot run more than one character per account at a time. Once you have multiple accounts, you can run them on separate PCs, or you can launch atlantica.exe (not atlanticarun.exe) multiple times. You will probably want to run in windowed (instead of Full Screen) mode when you do so.
  • What is the [18] at the end of my name? That's your Free League division. Free league divisions range from 18 (the lowest) to 1 (the highest). Until you begin participating in the free league, your division will not increase. This number only displays while you are participating in Free League.

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