New Diabolic Dungeons on the Battlefield Edit

  • Announce
  • Sep. 12 2012

Two new dungeons have been discovered in the Mysterious Saloon, and a vast pile of rewards awaits those brave enough to confront the new threats that lurk within!

The Hall of Battle Edit

  • Min. Level: 120
  • Entry Cooldown: 20 Hours
  • Required for Entry: Diabolic Battlefield Order, which can be purchased from the Market.

The Hall of Battle can be accessed from the Saloon Annex. Once inside, it’s a mad dash to defeat as many enemies as possible before the 20-minute time limit is up. Enemies in the Hall of Battle are known for their relentless physical attacks. Your reward for clearing the dungeon will be based on how many monsters you kill.


  • 150 - 275 Monsters: Old Battlefield Artifact
  • 275 - 399 Monsters: Clean Battlefield Artifact
  • 400 or more Monsters: Pristine Battlefield Artifact.

The Hidden Chamber Edit

  • Min. Level: 120
  • Entry Cooldown: 20 Hours
  • Required for Entry: Secret Diabolic Order, which can be obtained from any type of Battlefield Artifact.

The Hidden Chamber can be accessed from Saloon: 1F. The Hidden Chamber is home to powerful monsters that will use magic skills to try and corner your party. If you can defeat them all, you’ll get a Hidden Crystal Ball reward box!

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