Ants and wasps, both small creatures and harmless to humans. People came to be friends in the Nest of Insects, bound by their desire to live underground. Then one day, the Ant Queen and Queen Wasp were changed into giant monsters by the power of the apostles of darkness. Those two in turn transformed all the other ants and wasps into monsters. As a result, what was once a small nest grew drastically in size. Still, these creatures did not harm humans; rather, they might frighten some passersby now and then. But that all changed when the Evil Spider King arrived and created his den deep within the Nest of Insects. The ants and wasps started to kidnap the humans they once had little interest in, and the humans were turned into monsters by the Evil Spider King and the apostles of darkness.

Level RequirementsEdit

The minimum level to enter this dungeon is 32. This dungeon does not have a Shadow Dungeon.


In Southeast Asia India, southeast of Kathmandu.



Nest of Insects Quest Chain