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A nation is an association of up to ten guilds. Nations can be established by a guild leader of a guild of level 30 and above, by talking with [Caesar]. The guild leader of the leading guild of a nation acts as its king, and the town of the leading guild acts as its capital town.

Establishing a nation requires 100,000,000 gold from the guild funds. In addition, a maintenance fee of up to one million gold is payable daily by the leading guild. The maintenance fee is determined by the number of guilds in the nation where each guild costs an additional 100,000 gold.


Guilds in a nation have several benefits:

  • Nation members can communicate with each other via Nation chat.
  • Member guilds can participate in Nation Dungeons.
  • Nation members from different guilds can share crafting levels and monster info with each other, even if they are neither friends nor mentor and apprentice.
  • Leaders of town-controlling member guilds who are level 100 or higher can use King's Judgment when the nation reaches level 5.

King's Judgment[]

King's Judgment is a form of non-consensual PvP in which one of a nation's leaders may PK another player who is at least level 30. When a nation leader uses King's Judgment, both players' parties are automatically joined in the fight. This can create a PvP scenario where one player has to fight three or a scenario where each side has three full formations. As a result, King's Judgment is one of few situations where it is possible to successfully perform the Bursting Beam combo against other players.

King's Judgment can only be used 10 times per day and takes 125% will. If a player dies in a King's Judgment fight, he or she may lose 1 piece of equipment to the opponent. Items obtained by nation members by using King's Judgment are stored in the Nation Warehouse or if the KJ is in the same nation the item may be destroyed (regardless of durability) .


The nation king can declare war on another nation on Mondays. The nation receiving the ultimatum can decide to either pay tribute by Wednesday night or enter the war.


Nations have a level which increases as nation experience is acquired. The following table shows how much experience is required for a nation to reach each level.

Level Experience Perk
1 -
2 298
3 602
4 1076
5 1772 King's Judgement
6 2752
7 4082
8 5880
9 8189
10 11194
11 15033
12 19865
14 33216