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First tab of My Warehouse

My Warehouse button for accessing My Warehouse

My Warehouse is a personal storage facility accessible from anywhere (except while in a house or in battle) from the My Warehouse button on left edge of the user interface.

The warehouse has 6 tabs that can store 90 items each. It is available to all characters once they hit level 20.

You can transfer items from My Warehouse to your Inventory. Items must be in your Inventory before you can use or consume them.

Tab Accessibility[]

The first tab is free (permanent) for everyone.

The second tab is free for 60 days for new characters and costs 200,000,000 PLUS 2,000,000 (e.g. Level 133 would be 200,000,000 + (2,000,000 x 33) = 266,000,000) for every level over 100 to activate for 30 days. If activation expires, items in this warehouse tab remain in the warehouse and cannot be accessed or even viewed.

Tabs 3 - 6 can be activated by using a Warehouse Scroll, available from the Item Mall.

Organize Warehouse Button[]

This button is in the bottom right corner of the Warehouse. If you have multiple stacks of the same item with various number of items, open My Warehouse and click the Organize Warehouse button. This will create stacks with the maximum number of that item per stack (10,000) from left to right. For example, if you have 2 stacks of 8,000 Sea Elements and click Organize Warehouse, it will create 1 stack of 10,000 and a second stack of 6,000.

Storage Limitations[]

My Warehouse cannot be used to store:

My Warehouse Accessibility[]

You can access My Warehouse almost anywhere, exceptions being: