My Home is Atlantica Online's player housing.

Qubix's Red European House

Each player can own a house and upgrade it to a mansion. If you own a home, you can enter it via the My Home button on the left side of the User Interface.

My Home Area in Rome Edit

This is the player housing hub in Atlantica Online. This is the place to buy your house, hire employees, and learn home-related skills.

My Home Requirements Edit

Visit the My Home area in Rome to talk to NPC Caitsith to buy a house.

  • Cost is 100 million gold
  • Player must be level 80 or higher

House Benefits Edit

Each of the Home benefits below is elaborated on in a separate section below.

  • You can have 2 Employees
  • You can have 1 Facility
  • You can have 3 Resident Mercenaries
  • You can have 1 Mercenary Training Hall (9 mercenaries)
  • You can hold feasts for your guild and/or nation (provided you employ a Chef)
  • You can craft items (provided you have employees)
  • You have lots of options of decorating your home, both for looks and for numerous benefits
  • Adding a bed allows you to "Rest" which gives 60 minutes of bonus experience

Mansion Benefits Edit

A Mansion is an upgraded House.

Employees Edit

Visit the My Home area in Rome to talk to NPC Alfredo to hire employees.

Hiring a Chef for your home allows you to:

Hiring an Artisan for your home allows you to:

Employable Mercenaries

Each of the above mercenaries must be

  • Level 80 or higher
  • Be in your current formation
  • Fully upgraded up to the level 80 upgrade
  • Have nothing equipped

Facilities Edit

A Facility is an item you can install in your home that allows you to harvest crafting materials.

Facility Types:

Resident Mercenaries Edit

You can have 4 (Home) or 8 (Mansion) mercenaries live in your home. This is excellent for extra merc storage.

You can also add extra flavor to your home by placing your extra mercenaries in various locations in your home.

Mercenary Training Hall Edit

The Mercenary Training Hall can be used to train up to 9 mercenaries up to 20 times/day.

Many players simply use this as extra mercenary storage. This allows you to store mercenaries that do not fit into other mercenary storage: Merc Room, Legion Storage, Home residents

Decorating Edit

See Furniture to learn about decorating and benefits of decorating your home.

The My Home player housing feature was added in the Troy and My Home Patch.

Upgrading To A Mansion Edit

To upgrade your house to a mansion, visit your home, click the blue home button in the upper right corner of the screen and select "My Home Info". You will see two tabs, "Basic Info" and "Move". Under the "Move" tab you will find a drop down for changing the house type. Your home value needs to be at least 500 to upgrade to a mansion. On the "Basic Info" tab you can see how this score is calculated. There is also an Atlas Ore cost of 100.