The Monk Recruitment quest chain is the recruitment quest line for the Monk mercenary.

The quest chain chain is offered by NPC [Huike] for main characters level 18+. The chain also features NPCs [Huilin] and [Yuan Hao]. The quest objectives focus around the Ruins of the Yellow River field. Although this quest chain cannot be reset, wandering monks can be recruited at any time, regardless of whether this quest has been completed.


Quest Objective NPC Experience Gold Stamina Items
1. The salvation of mankind Fetch [Potato]×50 Huike 50 500 0 None
2. Find my pupil Talk to [Huilin] Huike 50 500 0 None
3. The lost rosary Hunt [Red Fox] for [Piece of Broken Bead]×30 Huilin 200 3,000 0 None
4. When will Dad get here? Fetch [Yuan Mu’s Letter]×1 Huilin 200 3,000 0 None
5. Yuan Mu's Diary Hunt [Shadow Warrior], [Shadow Soldier] and [Shadow Archer] for [Torn Diary]×20 Yuan Hao 200 3,000 0 None
6. Spread the tragic news Talk to [Huike] Yuan Hao 50 500 0 None
7. Yuan Mu's Enemy Fetch [Yuan Mu’s RelicXiyu Shaman Huike 1,000 10,000 0 None
8. Tell Yuan Hao Talk to [Yuan Hao] Huike 1,300 15,000 0 [Huike’s Letter]
9. Huilin Talk to [Huilin] Yuan Hao 50 500 0 None
10 Tell my teacher Return to [Huike] to complete [Tell Yuan Hao] quest Huilin 50 500 0 None
Totals 3,150 36,500 0 0


The following goods and information are required by some of the quests in the chain, but can be acquired in advance of receiving the quest.

Trade GoodsEdit

Quest Item
1. The Salvation of Mankind [Potato]×50