The Monk (Dharma) is a grade D Staff Mercenary.

The Monk possesses ancient magic that can turn the tide of battle. While he's frail and lacks any real offensive power, his ability to block enemy spells and protect your mercenaries from stun makes him essential to many formations.

You can have as many of this mercenary as you like.

Assessment Edit

While the Monk may seem weak and boring, he's also one of the most practical mercenaries to have and possibly the only D rank mercenary to last up to the highest levels of game play. This is because of his skill combination, not found on other mercenaries (the closest being the Goddess), which consist of two of the greatest necessities of any formation: stun prevention and magic/ailment protection.

Awakening completely clear the combo count and restores any characters afflicted with stun; Holy Guard prevents any other kind of magic from affecting its target; Protect grants a defense and regeneration buff to the main character at the start of battle; Shield of Protection increases defense and restores health every time the main character is attacked (doesn't activate from passive damage). The last two skill are mutually exclusive, only one can be taught at a time.

As mentioned before, the Monk possessed the combination of Awakening + Holy Guard that is absent from any other mercenary in the game, with the exception of the Goddess' Ocean Blessing (which heals but is slightly less effective at the other two effects). This makes the Monk possibly the best support unit, with the downside of his general frailness and very low attack input. Players should try to keep at least one Monk available, a very easy task considering his low costing upgrades and skills. He's especially useful in PvP, but can also shine in PvE.

The Monk is among the least expensive (to obtain, upgrade and skill up) mercenaries, providing excellent 'bang for the buck' all the way to end-game.

Characteristics Edit

Attributes Edit

Basic Attack Edit

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Upgrades Edit

Ashen Crystal and Ashen Jewel.

Class Level Requirements Str Int Dex Vit Def MDef
Monk 1 None 190 260 140 160 50 500
Monk I 20 50 Ashen Crystal 210 310 160 180 100 500
Monk II 50 100 Ashen Crystal 240 350 180 200 175 500
Dharma 80 20 Ashen Jewel 280 360 200 230 250 500
Dharma I 100 50 Ashen Jewel 299 385 214 246 340 500
Dharma II 120 150 Ashen Jewel 319 403 227 260 415 500
Dharma III 130 200 Ashen Jewel 339 422 239 275 495 500
Dharma IV 140 200 Ashen Jewel 362 443 252 292 619 500
Dharma V 150 200 Ashen Jewel 387 467 267 310 792 500
Dharma VI 160 200 Ashen Jewel 464 560 320 372 950 500

Skills Edit

This Mercenary can use these Magic Skills:

Awakening Awakening Edit

The mercenary awakens stunned allies.

Holy guard Holy Guard Edit

Celestial power protects your team from all Magic.

Protect Protect Edit

A spell cast automatically on your main character at the start of the battle. Increases defense and regenerates Health. Shield of Protection can't be learned at the same time.

Shield of protection Shield of Protection Edit

Increases physical defense and restores some Health every time the Main Character takes damage. Protect can't be learned at the same time.