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There are many ways to make money in Atlantica Online.

  • Star Stones: You can start farming Star Stones as soon as you can participate in your guild's Training Center, your nation's Nation Dungeons and after level 94, when you can run Indy Dungeons. Run Indy 155 (Dark Abyss) and Indy 160 (Underground Temple of Life) daily; the keys are 30 M and 50 M gold, respectively, so getting even a single Star Stone yields more gold than the key costs. The trick here is to run them as often as you can, collect the Star Stones and sell them or collect them until you need them (most players don't use these until they start using Judgment or Twilight gear), or fuse them up to higher grade and then sell or collect them. They can get quite expensive at higher grades.
  • Olympus Tower - run any floors you can daily for excellent exp and loot (boxes, gold)
  • Dungeons - most Individual Dungeons monsters now drop Star Stones as loot, which you can use or sell, Nation Dungeons drop Star Stones and Nation Tokens, along with reward boxes and other loot
  • Recruit mercenaries from quests and sell their sealed orbs on the market. Mercenary recruitment quests are repeatable/resettable (see quests), so you can do this over and over. Don't forget about Legion mercenary recruitment quests.
  • Crafting -- the beauty of crafting equipment and weapons is that you sometimes get +1, +2, etc. results from crafting, which makes the result worth 2*, 4*, etc. what a +0 item is worth. Make sure you do the math before crafting anything to make sure the crafting materials (mats) don't cost more than the item you are crafting. Even then, getting a +1 or more can help you break even or more.
  • If you can craft an item, then you can also repair it, which is much cheaper than asking NPC Reginn to repair it for you.
  • Historical Invasions -- these drop expensive crafting materials
  • TBS/Raids
  • Trials aka Dragon Trials: reward is Black Dragon Gift x 1, 3 , 5
  • Market: buy low/sell high
  • Fishing -- fishing gets you fish that you can trade to NPC Albert for Fishing Points, which you can use to trade for in-game items. During Fishing events, you can also get really awesome items!
  • Jackpot -- you can use the jackpot to generate mats and more than break even if you JP the right items.
  • Item Mall -- buy things for real money you can sell or trade in game for game money and/or items. Be careful, you buy things on the Item Mall using REAL LIFE MONEY!
  • Questing -- many quests pay money and other rewards and many are repeatable or resettable.
  • PvP: FL/CL -- competing here gets you Battle Points, which you can trade for goods
  • Opening Boxes
  • Trading Post -- fairly high effort for small return, but doable at level 96 for a small investment.
  • Rumors -- Resident NPCs sell items for well below market value pretty much 24/7 in game.
  • Treasure Maps -- spend 5 minutes finding a treasure map somewhere in the world and get a reward.