Mineral is one of the basic Item Types that items in Atlantica Online are categorized as.

Items of this category can be found listed under this category on the Market and in My Store.

Many Minerals can be crafted. Some cannot. Craftable Minerals are crafted via Tool Crafting.

List of Minerals Edit

Item Fixed Price Can be Crafted
Refined-mithril-ingot Refined Mithril Ingot noneYes
Enriched-adamantium-ingot Enriched Adamantium Ingot noneYes
Enriched-titanium-ingot Enhanced Titanium Ingot noneYes
Gold-ingot Gold Ingot 2,000No
Copper-ore Copper Ore 300No
Ruby Ruby 30,000No
Platinum-ingot Platinum Ingot 10,000No
Blue-sapphire Blue Sapphire noneNo
Iron-sand Iron Sand 200No
Coral Coral 100No
Oil Oil 3,000No
Adamantium Adamantium noneYes
Adamantium-ingot Adamantium Ingot noneYes
Opal Opal 20,000No
Imitation-oriharukon Imitation Oriharukon noneYes
Silver-ingot Silver Ingot 1,000No
Pearl Pearl 500No
Large-diamond Large Diamond noneYes
Tanzanite Tanzanite 5,000No
Titanium-ore Titanium Ore 45,000No
Titanium-ingot Titanium Ingot noneYes
Fused-devil-stone Fused Devil Stone noneYes
Shimmering-opal Shimmering Opal noneNo
Shimmering-sapphire Shimmering Sapphire noneNo
Shard-of-beginning Shard of Beginning noneYes
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