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Mid-Month Weekend Celebration Part 2!![]

  • Jan. 18 2019


Hi, Atlantians!

Come and celebrate our 11th anniversary of Atlantica Online this coming weekend with buff bonuses, item giveaways, limited time discounts and many more!

When: January 19-20, 2019

Buff Bonuses: EXP +75%, Crafting +75%, ATK/DEF +20%

Item Giveaway:

We will giveaway helpful items for your adventure and to support you through the event!!


Special Invasion:

Additional Rewards for the whole server and top players during the 8pm CET invasion!


If Successful:

Server Rewards: Acong Bait x100; Golden Koi x50

Kill Count Rank 1-5: [Event] Fisherman Acong Fishing Rod x1; Golden Koi x100

Kill Count Rank 6-10: [Event] Fisherman Acong Fishing Rod x1; Golden Koi x50

If Fail:

Server Rewards: Acong Bait x10; Golden Koi x10

Note: [Event] Fisherman Acong Fishing Rod is indestructible in fishing. The item will be removed after the Invasion of Scary Acong.

11th Anniversary Sale:

Limited timed discounts on selected items!!

Skull Dragon Card 3+1 11% Off

Grim Reaper's Warhorse Card 4+1 11% off

Grim Reaper's Costume Random Box 7+3 11% off

Steampunk Costume 10+1 11% off

Steampunk Deco Random Box 7+3 11% off

Jeon Woo-chi Package 11% off

See you this weekend!!

Atlantica Team