Mercenary Skins changes mercenaries' looks, but also add the ability to permanently add stats to each mercenary equipped with a skin.

A Mercenary Skin can be obtained from NPC Erin, in Rome's Bazaar using a Mercenary Skin Coupon. You can also find some on the Market.

It takes 5 Mercenary Skin Enhancement Stones or 10 Atlas Ore to change stats.

Each Stat goes from I to V.

Main Characters have a similar ability to change appearance using Clothes and apply stats to clothes using Atlas Outfit Stones.


How to Equip a Mercenary Skin Edit

  • Open your Inventory.
  • Select the mercenary the skin is assigned to
  • Right-click on the mercenary skin to equip
  • Select the Mercenary Skin tab
  • Choose the skin you want to apply, then click Apply
  • To remove the skin, click the Default button on the Mercenary Skin Tab
Notice: Please note that these are single use items. The skin will be applied to only one mercenary. If you fire the mercenary, the skin will also go with it.

Adding Stats to a Mercenary Skin

Locking StatsEdit

Some Mercenary Skins can have 2 stats. When you first add stats to a skin, it will only add 1, then 2 after a few tries.

You may want to try for better stats, but not give up a desired enhancement you've already gotten. No worries! After you unlock more than 1 stat on your skin, you can Lock it to save it, while enhancing other stats. It costs 10 Mercenary Skin Enhancement Stones or 15 Atlas Ore to lock a stat while enhancing the other.

NOTE: Two of the same stats cannot stack. If you've saved a dexterity stat, and a new one comes up after locking stats, then that stat will not apply.

Effects Edit

Effect Grade I Grade II Grade III Grade IV Grade V
Multi-Hit +3 +6 +9 +12 +15
Critical % +10% +20% +30% +40% +50%
Critical +5 +10 +15 +20 +25
Physical Attack EXP +30% +60% +90% +120% +150%
Magic Attack EXP +30% +60% +90% +120% +150%
Ignore opponent's Defense at a certain rate +10% +20% +30% +40% +50%
Piercing Damage +1000 +1500 +2000 +2500 +3000
Magic Damage % +10% +20% +30% +40% +50%
Magic Damage +300 +600 +900 +1200 +1500
MP +2500 +5000 +7500 +10,000 +12,500
HP +5000 +10,000 +15,000 +20,000 +25,000
Magic Damage Absorption % +5% +10% +15% +20% +25%
Attack Power % +5% +10% +15% +20% +25%
Attack Power +1000 +2000 +3000 +4000 +5000
AP Mod +2 +4 +6 +8 +10
Damage Health Absorption % +5% +10% +15% +20% +25%

List of Mercenary Skins Edit

Name Mercenary Obtained Enhance times
Christine-ivory-wedding-gown Christine: Ivory Wedding Gown Sheriff Mercenary Skin Coupon
Washington-wedding-tuxedo Washington: Wedding Tuxedo Patriot Mercenary Skin Coupon
Naruk-halloween-prankster Naruk: Halloween Prankster Druid Mercenary Skin Coupon
Carmilla-halloween-nurse Carmilla: Halloween Nurse Vampire Mercenary Skin Coupon
Dharma-wise-steward Dharma: Wise Steward Monk Mercenary Skin Coupon
Roro-kidul-meticulous-maid Roro Kidul: Meticulous Maid Goddess Mercenary Skin Coupon
Anck-su-namun-sultry-mandarin-gown Anck Su Namun: Sultry Mandarin Gown Oracle Mercenary Skin Coupon
Jeon-woo-chi-school-days Jeon Woo-chi: School Days Taoist Mercenary Skin Coupon
Himiko-school-days Himiko: School Days Empress Mercenary Skin Coupon
Anne-bonny-awakened-atlantian Anne Bonny: Awakened Atlantian Pirate Mercenary Skin Coupon
Odysseus-awakened-atlantian Odysseus: Awakened Atlantian Champion Mercenary Skin Coupon
Pocahontas-beach-lover Pocahontas: Beach Lover Elementalist Mercenary Skin Coupon
Elementalist: Winter Fantasy Elementalist
Guan-yu-beach-bum Guan Yu: Beach Bum General Mercenary Skin Coupon
Guan Yu: Winter Fantasy General
Jessica-cheerleader Jessica: Cheerleader Bounty Hunter Mercenary Skin Coupon
Sadko-winter-wearSadko: Winter Wear Bard Santa's Villa 2015 (Event)
Morrighan-seasons-greetings Morrighan: Season's Greetings Valkyrie Santa's Villa 2015 (Event)
Sylvie-guardian-of-phoenix Sylvie: Guardian of Phoenix Demeian Guardian Mercenary Skin Coupon
Morgan-le-fay-wonderland Morgan le Fay: Wonderland Witch Mercenary Skin Coupon
Harlequin-beach-babe Harlequin: Beach Babe Clown Mercenary Skin Coupon
Jeon-woo-chi-casino-emperor Jeon Woo-chi: Casino Emperor Taoist Mercenary Skin Coupon
Attila-hunter Attila: Hunter Tarkan Mercenary Skin Coupon
Rin-crazy-cat-lady Rin: Crazy Cat Lady Puppeteer Mercenary Skin Coupon
Shao-xian-traditional-korean-garb Shao Xian: Traditional Korean Garb Trainee Shao Xian Mercenary Skin Coupon
Kim-yoo-shin-traditional-korean-garb Kim Yoo Shin: Traditional Korean Garb Hwarang Mercenary Skin Coupon
Bai-xian-school-days Bai Xian: School Days Trainee Bai Xian Mercenary Skin Coupon
Brothers-grimm-wonderland Brothers Grimm: Wonderland Folklorist Mercenary Skin Coupon
Khun-phaen-dress-coat Khun Phaen: Dress Coat Warlord Mercenary Skin Coupon
Michael-white-gothic Michael: White Gothic Exorcist Mercenary Skin Coupon
Mwindo-party-girl Mwindo: Party Girl Sorceress Mercenary Skin Coupon
Shen-hong-red-shadow Shen Hong: Red Shadow Trainee Shen Hong Mercenary Skin Coupon
Empress-tianmo-party-girl Empress Tianmo: Party Girl Trainee Empress Tianmo Mercenary Skin Coupon
Hassen-party-tuxedo Hassen: Party Tuxedo Janissary Mercenary Skin Coupon
Master-lian-hua-snowman Master Lian Hua: Snowman Trainee Master Lian Hua Mercenary Skin Coupon
Kim-yoo-shin-senior-pilot Kim Yoo Shin: Senior Pilot Hwarang Mercenary Skin Coupon
Isabel-fancy-ball Isabel: Fancy Ball Princess Mercenary Skin Coupon
Riva-faust-fringe Riva Faust: Fringe Necromancer Mercenary Skin Coupon
Tania: Winter Fantasy Slave Warrior
Sage King Arthur: Winter Fantasy Sage King Arthur
Sage King Arthur: Centurion Armor Sage King Arthur
Dark King Arthur: Winter Fantasy Dark King Arthur
Dark King Arthur: Centurion Armor Dark King Arthur
Fox's Summer Sky Bikini Ninetails
Nine Tails: Fox's Passionate Love Ninetails
Chironia Military Costume Centaur Archer
Ching Ya: Clover Outfit Trainee Ching Ya

List of Mercenary Skins (No Trade) Edit

Name Mercenary Obtained Enhance times
Naruk-halloween-prankster-no-trade Naruk: Halloween Prankster (No Trade) Druid Diabolical Halloween Dungeon (Event)
Carmilla-halloween-nurse-no-trade Carmilla: Halloween Nurse (No Trade) Vampire Diabolical Halloween Dungeon (Event)
Sadko-winter-wear-no-tradeSadko: Winter Wear (No Trade) Bard
Morrighan-seasons-greetings-no-trade Morrighan: Season's Greetings (No Trade) Valkyrie
Gigas-guardian-of-love-no-trade Gigas: Guardian of Love (No Trade) Automaton
Shaman-white-shogun-no-trade Shaman: White Shogun (No Trade) Shaman Infinity Challenge Medal x1000
Khun-phaen-dress-coat-no-trade Khun Phaen: Dress Coat (No Trade) Warlord Infinity Challenge Medal x1000

History Edit

Mercenary Skins were added with the Mercenary Skin update on Sept. 24, 2015.