The Menus are a big part of the Atlantica Online user interface.

The Main Menu has several sub menus that drop down from it, each with multiple items.

My Info Edit

  • Skills (Alt+K): opens the Skills window, which shows all skills of all characters in your formation
  • Character (Alt+N): opens the Character sheet
  • Legion Info (Alt+U): opens the Legion Info window
  • Merc. Room (Alt+Z): opens the Merc Room window
  • Legion Strg. (Alt+X): opens the Legion Storage
  • My Store (Alt+P): opens My Store
  • Enchant: opens the Enchant window
  • Refine: opens the Refine window
  • Expression (Alt+E): opens the Expression window
  • Formation (Alt+F): opens the Formation window
  • Diary (Alt+D): opens the Diary
  • Bingo: opens the Bingo event window
  • Details: opens the Robot Type window
  • Exploration (Alt+A): opens the Daily Exploration window
  • Collection Book Effects: open the Collection Book Effects dialog.

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Encyclopedia Edit

The Encyclopedia is the in-game book with information of all items, monsters, locations, towns, NPCs, classes, and quests, each on a separate tab that you can access directly from this menu.

Collection Book Edit

The Collection Book is the place where you can collect various items: mounts, decorations, clothes (all of which can gain you AT Mileage Points) and keys (for dungeons).

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Community Edit

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  • Hall of Fame: opens the Hall of Fame, listings of player rankings for various things
  • Artisans: opens the Artisans window, a list of players who are top crafters
  • Block: opens the Block list (list of players you have blocked from communicating with you)
  • Black List: opens the Black List
  • Personal Trade: opens the Personal Trade History window

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Item Mall Edit

  • Item Mall: opens the Atlantica Online Item Mall in a browser
  • Item Pickup: opens the Item Pickup window
  • Purchase GC (GCoins/Item Mall currency): opens the Atlantica Online Item Mall in a browser
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