Meet the Goddess of the Sea, Roro Kidul Edit

  • Announce
  • Oct. 11 2012
From the depths of the ocean, the Goddess of the Sea graces us with her presence. Meet Roro Kidul, help her in her quest to find peace in the Indian Ocean and recruit her as your ally!

New Mercenary: Roro Kidul Edit

Roro Kidul is the Goddess of the Sea and possesses the following magic skills:

Divine Will: Edit

  • Fills her allies with power and puts enemies in a state of confusion.

Ocean Blessing Edit

  • Shields allies from magic and protects them from being stunned.

Aquatic Barrier* Edit

  • Protects the main character with the mercifulness of the sea.

*Staff main characters now can learn Aquatic Barrier as a main character specialization skill.

To recruit Roro Kidul: Edit

  • You must complete the recruitment quest offered from the NPC [Goddess Roro Kidul] in the Majapahit area.
  • Minimum Level Requirement: 113
  • You can reset this quest by using [Secrets of Time: Roro Kidul].

New Dungeons of the Foggy Seashore Edit

The area of Foggy Seashore has been added to the map near Majapahit. The minimum level to enter is 113, however the recommended level differs for each dungeon.

Occupied Coast Edit

  • Recommended Level: 113
  • The key to enter Occupied Coast can be purchased with Battle Points from the NPC Pointry.

Wrecked Pirate Ship Edit

  • Recommended Level: 120
  • The key to enter the Wrecked Pirate Ship can be obtained by defeating the boss monster of the Occupied Coast.

Holy Crystal Cave Edit

  • Recommended Level: 130
  • The key to enter the Holy Crystal Cave can be obtained by defeating the boss monster of the Wrecked Pirate Ship.