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Patch Notes - May 27, 2021[]

  • May. 27 2021

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for version 461500! In this patch, Spring Gardener will now be taking his leave and moving on to beat the summer heat waiting for another bygone Spring Season.

On another note, it seems an old gigantic friend has arrived seeking aid from Atlantians. I wonder what he may have in stored for us?

Please refer to the details below:

- Server Refresh

- Removed Spring Gardener Shop NPC

- Additional Event

: Giant Quest Acong returns

“It seems Giant Quest Acong is a little mad that he wasn’t able to celebrate his favorite event. He has returned and seeks vengeance against the Outerworld Hounds who have ruined his celebration. Find him in Rome Gate and find out what he has to offer.”

: Hidden Repositorium

“The Hidden Vault has returned for all treasure hunting Atlantians! However, how does one obtain its key?”

- Kill Rewards Updated:

0 - 29 kills : 0 Malignant Shards

30 - 40 Kills : 150 Malignant Shards

41+ Kills : 275 Malignant Shards

- Pre-load June Monthly Exploration Reward

Global Anniversary-Related Events  (May 27 to Jun 3)

“An Anniversary Special is headed your way! For 7 days receive some lovely goodies as well as a 50% off on mercenary outfit enhancement costs!”

- 50% Off Mercenary Skin Enhancement

- AO Day Settings

7 Days Login Rewards

: [Honey Jar Key] x3

: [Cake Box] x3

: [Art Gallery Pass [Event]] x3

: [Blessing License (3 Days/No Trade)] x1

: [Auto-Battle License (1 Day/No Trade)]  x10

: [WHITE Package (3 Days)]  x2

: [Goddess Necklace] x1

*AO Week Setting  (May 27 to Jun 3)*

As a token of appreciation for all the Atlantians who watch the live stream of Spring Tournament Invitiational 2021, AO Week has been activated.

Congratulations to Panshop from Argos server for the back to back champion Tournament. Autumn Tournament 2020 and Spring Tournament 2021. AO Week setting for Argos server will be announced in future updates.

Rewards from Spring Tournament Invitational 2021 will be distributed on May 29, 2021. It will be directly send to your character mail.

Thank you for participating! See you on Summer Tournament 2021!