Atlantica Wiki

The Market can be accessed via the Town Menu in any town.

The Market is a central place for buying and selling items across all towns across all servers. The goods and items listed on Market are available for purchase from any town.

The Market is a simple way to check out the stats on most items in the game, whether they are currently on sale or not.

Players can also buy from and sell to other players directly via My Store or direct Trade.



There is no tax for purchasing goods. When you buy something from the market, it uses the gold you have on you to pay for the item. If you do not have enough gold, you need to take more out of your bank account or earn more gold to pay for the item.

You can buy items from the market on the 'Buy' tab. You can find items for sale by category (e.g. Armor, Medicine, Crystal) or by just typing part of the item's name and clicking 'Search'.

Items are listed on the market in order of price. Some items have so many listings that there are multiple pages.

If there are stacks of items available, you can specify a quantity to purchase, you don't need to buy a full stack if you need less of that item.

You can enter the number of any item you need and as you buy from stacks that are listed, the number you buy is subtracted from the number you need.


Crafting Materials[]

On the market's 'Buy' tab, if the item listed can be crafted, the Material form will list the materials to craft that item, so that you can see which you already have and how many and you can easily jump to the market listing for each of those materials.

Equipment With Star Stones[]


You can use the 'Special' button on the 'Buy' tab to search for equipment that already has Star Stones equipped. This button opens the 'Star Stone Ability Details' dialog.

Here you can set criteria to filter equipment search results to only show those with Star Stones that meet your criteria. For example, Star Stones with Strength bonuses.

Remember to close the 'Star Stone Ability Details' dialog after doing a specialized search, or it will apply the filter to your next search and the search will probably return nothing.



You can list as many items or stacks of items for sale on the market as you have slots available at the top of the 'Sell' tab. You get 12 sell slots until level 90, then 1 more every 10 levels.

Select and item or stack of items in your Inventory (you an reduce the quantity in the Qty form to sell a partial stack) and click the Register button to register the item for sale on the Market. You can only sell one stack at a time of stackable items.

There is a tax for listing an item - this tax may vary from 1% and up. If there is a controlling guild in the town where the item is listed, 50% of the listing tax will go to that guild. So, if you are in a guild that owns a town, you should try to list items on the market while in your guild's town.

Once an item is sold, you will get a notification in your Notes and the money will be deposited in your bank account.

The maximum price for a single item is 9,999,999,999,999 gold (10 T-1) gold.

Over time, an unsold item that remains listed will automatically have it's listing price gradually reduced.

If you have an item that surpasses the maximum price limit, you can sell it directly to other players via a Trade.

Market Rate[]

The market in each town has a % rate it charges for putting items on the market. That fee goes into the town and the town's controlling guild can take out some of that gold. The controlling guild can also start the starting market rate. Most towns set their fee to 1%.

Higher value items automatically get higher market fees assessed. Items of value over 1,000,000,000 are assessed at 2%, over 10,000,000,000 at 3% and over 100,000,000,000 at 5% (this is the top rate).

Rome and Antillia, which cannot be controlled by guilds, have their market rate at 2%.

Fixed Price Items[]

Some items are so crucial to the game's economy that they are offered by the game itself for a fixed amount of gold and in infinite quantity.

For example, Growth Vial (I) and Growth Vial (II). Every single character needs many Growth Vials and Growth Vial (II) is one of the materials to craft the higher level Growth Vials.

Advertising Items to Sell[]

The intended way of advertising items you want to sell via a direct Trade, the Market or My Store is via the Forum. Many players also advertise items they want to sell in various Chat channels.