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Patch Notes - March 5, 2020[]

  • Mar. 05 2020

Greetings Atlantians!

Here comes the Patch Note for the updates today March 5, 2020!

Please refer to the details below

Update Details

- Server Refresh

Talent Rebalancing[]

: Values shown below are for lvl 10 talents:

Lethal Concentration:[]

PvE/TBS: 150% from 200%


Tactical Strike:

Critical hits deal additional damage:

PvE/TBS: 175% up from 150%

Lethal Concentration:

Increases any Attack Power buffs you receive

PvE/TBS: 150% up from 100%


Defense Breaker:

Ignores % of the target’s Physical Defense when dealing a physical attack.

PvE/TBS: 25% down from 30%


Lethal Force:

Regular attacks gain a chance to deal damage equal to 5% of the target’s max health.

PvE/TBS: 25% down from 50%

PvP(FL): 15% down from 30%


Arctic Training:

Freezing Axe reduces the target’s Physical Defense.

PvE/TBS: 10000 down from 30000

Added New Magic[]

Mini - UFO Skill - Cosmic Imprisonment

Space Booster - Cosmic Vaporizer


- St. Patrick Event

: Added New Daily Quest

: Kill Tricky monsters

- Valentines Mysterious Event

: March 5 to 19

: New Daily Quest

- Remove 50% Reduction in Merc. Skin Enhancement

- Added Cupcake Hair Accessory in Event NPC

- Valkyria's Blessing (March)

Item Mall[]

- Space Booster Random Box


- Remove Fisher Man Acong

- Flourishing Blade of Roses (Special Ability Fix) (On process)