Atlantica Online March Update Patch Notes Edit

  • Update
  • Mar. 17 2016

Atlantica Online's March update has arrived, and it’s chock-full of events! Read on, but don't forget the Vulcanus Ring Enhancement Event or Mythic Minotaur Items!

Blunderbuss Exploration Event Edit

Event Duration: Thursday, March 17th - Thursday, April 14th


Head to Southern Europe to explore Twisted Bran Castle, and hunt the monsters that dwell there. You will need an entry ticket to get inside, which can be obtained by staying logged in to Atlantica Online for one hour (limit of one ticket per day). Once inside, fight your way through the armies of Knights, Guards, Clowns and Clocks for your chance to claim Washington's Blunderbuss!


Either obtained through Hidden Weapon Boxes dropped by the enemies or dropped by the enemies themselves, this unique weapon gives Washington the power to use Patriotic Resolve, regardless of his current health.

St. Patrick’s Day Event Edit

Event Duration: Thursday, March 17th - Thursday, April 14th Everyone wants to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but the event is being spoiled by the appearance of disruptive green monsters!

Event Details:

  • Go to Dublin in Northern Europe to take part in the St. Patrick's Day Festival.
  • Defeat the Green monsters outside of Dublin to gain Green Water and Paint.
  • Help out with the Festival by completing tasks for Partyholic Mary to claim more Green Water, Paint and Green Paint.
  • Combine Green Water and Paint to create Green Paint, used to claim prizes.

Event Rewards:

  • 500 Green Paint: Green Garuda's Wings
  • 400 Green Paint: Ching Ya: Clover Outfit
  • 300 Green Paint: St. Patrick's Outfit
  • 300 Green Paint: St. Patrick's Hair Accessory
  • 250 Green Paint: Emerald Earrings
  • 250 Green Paint: Emerald Bracelet
  • 70 Green Paint: Green Clover Dinner Table
  • 4 Green Paint: Tasty Green Soup
  • 4 Green Paint: Magic Green Tea
  • 4 Green Paint: Sweet Green Cake
  • 4 Green Paint: Marvelous Pea
  • 2 Green Paint: Yggdrasil's Leaf
  • 2 Green Paint: Yggdrasil's Fruit
  • 1 Green Paint: Green Mold

Easter Golden Rabbit Event Edit

Event Duration: Thursday, March 17th - Thursday, April 14th Defeat the Easter Golden Rabbit monster that appears randomly in Atlantica Online during Easter!

That's no ordinary rabbit! It's got a vicious streak a mile wide!

Event Details:

  • Delve into dungeons throughout Atlantica Online to encounter the dreaded Golden Rabbit! These bunnies will appear randomly in battles, reinforcing your foes. Note : They do not appear in auto-leveling dungeons.
  • If the Golden Rabbit is not defeated in time, it will commit a Suicidal Explosion, blowing its enemies to tiny bits and depriving you of the loot.
  • When defeated, Golden Rabbits can drop Very Filling Easter Eggs, which will boost attack for 30 minutes, or Easter Candles, which can be traded in for prizes.
  • Super-Sized Easter Golden Rabbits, which can be battled randomly throughout Europe, are boss-tier foes that can reward multiple Easter Candles, Very Filling Easter Eggs or a Pure Easter Egg.
  • Pure Easter Eggs can also be found randomly throughout the world, containing a Golden Tear, Golden Book of Craftsmanship, a 1 hour Quest

EXP 2x License, Very Filling Easter Egg or Easter Candles.

  • Visit the Easter Token Collector in Rome to trade in Easter Candles for Prizes.

Event Rewards:

  • 500 Easter Candles: Rabbit Mount
  • 30 Easter Candles: Gold Rabbit Search Robot License (7 days)
  • 16 Easter Candles: Mercernary Upgrade Soul Stone Box
  • 8 Easter Candles: Mercenary Upgrade Soul Crystal Box
  • 50 Easter Candles: Quest EXP 2x License (1 hour)
  • 50 Easter Candles: Golden Book of Craftsmanship
  • 50 Easter Candles: Character Level Up Ticket [VI] (Merc. Only)
  • 30 Easter Candles: Character Level Up Ticket [V] (Merc. Only)
  • 15 Easter Candles: Golden Tear
  • 15 Easter Candles: Water of Life
  • 10 Easter Candles: Scroll of Resurrection
  • 10 Easter Candles: Scroll of Life's Blessing
  • 5 Easter Candles: Ambrosia

Bug Fixes and Other Changes Edit

  • Fist mercenaries no longer dodge all physical attacks in Kronos
  • Jessica books can now be properly crafted
  • Stingray mounts can now be traded in for AT points at NPC Gold Cat at the Bazaar in Rome
  • Silver Centaur is no longer missing from mount book
  • Acong Ducky search bot will no longer get stuck on another player's screen
  • Individual Dungeon cool downs for those outside of the PDT timezone are now correct
  • Level Requirement in quest log now properly shows values over 100
  • The correct weapons now drop from the Lucky Loot system
  • Expedition Quest from Main Storyline – Expedition has been restored
  • Player feedback survey added when closing the client. The survey can be given every 7 days.

NPC Erin Update Edit

New Mercenary Skins Added

  • Ching Ya : Clover Outfit (Limited time Skin)
  • Brothers Grimm: Wonderland
  • Khun Phaen: Dress Coat
  • Michael: White Gothic
  • Necromancer: Fringe
  • Shen Hong: Red Shadow
  • Mwindo: Party Girl
  • Empress Tianmo: Party Girl

Avalon Improvement Edit

  • Changes Made to the Nation Dungeon Perils of Avalon Stage Clear Reward Distribution Method.
  • Only the nation members who had a certain number of battles in each stage in [Avalon in Peril] will receive the reward.
  • [Heart of Avalon] the contribution reward will be added for the players who destroy the knight statues.
  • Additional rewards will be distributed to players who placed 1st-5th based on the number of the statues that they destroyed (only counts the statues summoned by Grand Magician Merlin).