Mana Stone is one of the basic Item Types that items in Atlantica Online are categorized as.

Items of this category can be found listed under this category on the Market and in My Store.

Some Mana Stone items can be Crafted, most cannot.

List of Mana Stones Edit

Item Fixed Price Craftable?
Atlas-ore Atlas Ore none No
Atlas-ore-fragment Atlas Ore Fragment none No
Repair-stone Repair Stone I 3,750 No
Repair-stone Repair Stone II 15,000 No
Repair-stone Repair Stone III 150,000 No
Repair-stone-iv Repair Stone IV 300,000 No
Repair-stone-v Repair Stone V 1,000,000 No
Repair-stone-vi Repair Stone VI 2,000,000 No
Enchant-stone-i Enchant Stone I 1,000 No
Enchant-stone-ii Enchant Stone II 15,000 No
Enchant-stone-iii Enchant Stone III 50,000 No
Enchant-stone-iv Enchant Stone IV none No
Enchant-stone-v Enchant Stone V none No
Enchant-stone-vi Enchant Stone VI none No
Enhance-stone-i Enhance Stone I none Yes
Enhance-stone-ii Enhance Stone II none Yes
Enhance-stone-iii Enhance Stone III none Yes
Enhance-stone-iv Enhance Stone IV none Yes
Enhance-stone-v Enhance Stone V none Yes
Enhance-stone-vi Enhance Stone VI none Yes
Atlas-outfit-stone Atlas Outfit Stone none No
Atlas-ore-e Atlas Ore (E) none No
Lucky-enhance-stone Lucky Enhance Stone none No
Outfit-extraction-stone Outfit Extraction Stone none No
Purified-enhance-stone Purified Enhance Stone none Yes
Purified-enchant-stone Purified Enchant Stone none No
Purified-repair-stone Purified Repair Stone none No
Obsidian-shard Obsidian Shard none No
Atlas-restoration-ore Atlas Restoration Ore none No
Dark-crystal-enhance-stone Dark Crystal Enhance Stone none No
Mercenary-skin-enhancement-stone Mercenary Skin Enhancement Stone none No
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