Your Hero, or Main, is the core of your Atlantica Online experience! There are many main classes to choose from (see list below). You should choose a main based on a play style you will enjoy (you will be playing this hero for a long time, to get to max level, after all) and his or her abilities (skills).

While your hero is just one of up to 9 characters in your formation, he is the most important. If he dies, any battle is over. His skill set sets the stage for your formation and his bonus stats apply to your whole formation. He gets a Mount and Decoration and pretty much always does the most damage (depending on your formation, by far the most damage) of your whole team.

A hero is the main character in a player's unit formation. If the hero dies in a normal battle, then the player loses the fight, regardless of how many mercenaries are still alive. However, in Skirmish battle if the Hero dies the battle will persist and the player will only lose the battle if the whole characters in the battle have died.

Hero skills do not directly correspond to any one mercenary.


Main character waiting for an upgrade

Heroes are more commonly referred to as Mains. For example:

Q: "What's your main?" A: "Bow."

Character Portraits Edit

The portraits at the bottom toward the right side of the screen shows a portrait for each character currently in your formation. Press 1 - 9 to select another character in your formation (1 is always your main character).

See the character page for more info about characters and character portraits.

Equipment and Stats Edit

See the Character Information page about Equipment and Stats.

Skills Edit

Each hero can have up to 5 skills, 3 skills prior to level 100. After the level 100 upgrade quest chain (see below), the hero can choose a 4th skill. After the level 120 upgrade quest chain (see below), the hero can choose a 5th skill, aka Specialization Magic skill.

Talents Edit

Completing the level 130 upgrade unlocks the Talent System for you main character.

Upgrades Edit

There are several upgrades, with associated quest chains, for your main character when certain levels are reached.

Level 100 Upgrade Edit

Completing the level 100 upgrade allows the hero to choose a 4th skill.

Level 120 Upgrade Edit

Completing the level 120 upgrade allows the hero to choose a 5th skill (Specialization Magic). While a hero has a choice of several level Specialization Magic skills, a hero can only choose 1 of the available Specialization Magic skills.

Level 130 Upgrade Edit

Completing the level 130 upgrade unlocks the Talent System.

Main Class Types Edit

Main Character classes are categorized as Scions of Atlantis/Descendants of Atlantis, Atlantians or Heroes. This classification really doesn't affect game play, and mostly has to do with when the class was added to the game, but they are terms you will see occasionally in the game and articles about the game.

Changing Class Edit

You can change your Main Character's class, but it's typically expensive to do so. To do so:

Magic (Staff) ClassesEdit

Caster, or Magic, classes have high intelligence, very high magic defense, but lower physical defense than the other main classes. Magic classes' normal attack can hit flying enemies.

Atlantian Battlemage (Staff) Edit

The Atlantian Battlemage has a staff and uses magic to kill enemies. She also carries a magic orb for increased stats and defense. Atlantian Battlemage main grants: +10 Magic Skill (PvE) and +1 Magic Skill (PvP) to your entire formation.

Mage (Staff)Edit

The Mage has a staff and uses magic to kill enemies. He also carries a magic orb for increased stats and defense. Mage main grants +10% (PvE and PvP) Intelligence stat to your entire formation.

Melee ClassesEdit

Melee classes have more hit points and higher physical defense than the other main classes, but lower magic defense. Melee classes' normal attack cannot hit flying enemies. Exclusive melee skill: Guard Dispel.

Atlantian Blademaster (Dual Swords) Edit


The Atlantian Blademaster is a dual sword class. They can hit front row in a cross pattern and their normal attack deals more damage with electricity flowing through their swords. Surrounded by static shield, they will hurt the enemy who tries to attack them. Their AoE skill, Waltz of the Blade, damages enemies' entire formation. Atlantian Blademaster main grants +10 Action Power (PvE) (PvE and PvP) and +1 movement in TBS to your entire formation.

Berserker (PowerSaw)Edit


Berserkers (formerly called Maniacs) wield powerful chainsaws as their weaponry, which strikes in the same way as an axe, though generally for more damage. With a high magic defense that exceeds all of the melee classes, the maniac has impressive survivability. Their Chainsaw Blade skill deals damage to the entire enemy party at once. At high level, this class aces at overcoming stuns. You must have at least one character at or above level 100 to create a Berserker. Berserker main grants +10% & +10% (PvE) | 3% (PvP) Attack Power & Defense stats to your entire formation.

Dragoon (Spear)Edit


Dragoons can strike the first two enemies in a column, dealing half damage to the second target. They are the most fragile class among the melee class but counterbalanced by their very high attack power. Their skills specialize in lowering their enemies' Action Power. Dragoon main grants +4% (PvE and PvP) Multi-Hit, Critical & Accuracy stats to your entire formation.

Knight (Sword)Edit


Knights can only attack one enemy at a time, but have a shield to defend themselves from their foes' attacks, unlike other Heroes. They are the only main class that can use a shield, which gives them excellent defense. Their skills include Flame Sword, Chaos Edge and many other skills. Knight main grants +15% (PvE and PvP) Defense stat to your entire formation.

Reaver (Axe)Edit


Reavers can strike an enemy, and also hit foes horizontally adjacent to them, though for less damage. They do not gain AP as quickly as other classes and are weak against magic, but their high health counterbalances this, giving them generally good resistance to enemies' physical attacks. Their Freezing Axe magic can freeze a complete row of enemies for several turns, leaving them unable to move or attack. Reaver main grants +10% (PvE and PvP) HP stat to your entire formation.

Ranged ClassesEdit

Ranged classes have high dexterity with decent physical/magic defense. Ranged class (except the Bombardier) can hit flying enemies.


Bombardier (Cannon)Edit


Bombardiers bombard their enemies with cannonballs, striking foes in a cross pattern. Though they are slower than others, they have significant stun output, and their Devastation Shell magic greatly reduces enemy's defense and fairly reduces enemy's multi-hit rate. Both of these make them very valuable to a party. Cannot hit flying enemies. Bombardier main grants +15 (PvE and PvP) Accuracy stat to your entire formation.

Celestial Hunter (Bow) Edit

The Celestial Hunter's main attack is a barrage of arrows that attacks a main target, then follows up with additional attacks on up to two other targets. Celestial hunter main grants +15% Attack Power, +3% Health (PvE) and +5% Attack Power, +1% Health (PvP) to your entire formation.

Maestro (Instrument)Edit


Wielding a guitar to fight with the power of rake, the Maestro Hero (formerly called Musician) can strike like a Dragoon, but with the sniping capability of an Marksman. They have high magic defense and low defense, but possess powerful Damage over Time (DoT) skills to compensate. Their Ravaging Melody applies debuffs similar to Sorceress' Retribution. Maestro main grants 100 (PvE and PvP) Magic Defense stat to your entire formation.


Marksman (Bow)Edit


Marksmen are master snipers, able to strike any target in the enemy formation for high damage, which is increased even more with the right arrows. While their high evasion helps them avoid enemy attacks, their low health and defense make them vulnerable. By using their Silence magic, they can stop a row of enemies from using magic of their own. Marksman main grants +15% (PvE and PvP) Attack Power stat to your entire formation.

Rifleman (Gun)Edit

The Rifleman specializes in dealing critical hits. It hits an entire column. Good in PvE and if you're into PvP this class is currently one of the best with its Summon Machine skill (can be learned after lv. 120 specialization). Rifleman main grants +15% (PvE and PvP) Critical stat to your entire formation.

Stormcaller (Whip) Edit


The Stormcaller uses a whip, which is a ranged weapon that can target an entire row. Additionally, this weapon can attack airborne enemies. Stormcaller can also wield an orb in her off-hand. Stormcaller main grants +13% Critical & +4 Multi-Hit (PvE) and +6% Critical & +3 Multi-Hit to your entire formation.

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