The Mailbox contains all in-game mail a player has received. You can view up to 25 messages at once. The rest are not discarded, but waiting until the player receives the first batch of messages. Click the Refresh button to see waiting mail. Sometimes you have to click this button 2 or 3 times.

The mail will also deliver items sent by a Game Master, received through irregular means, for example Friendship Boxes. It's also a place where items received through various boxes are sent, in case when your inventory is full.

You can receive multiple mail items in your inbox by holding down the Shift key and selecting a group, then clicking the Receive button.

Mail is delivered to players whether they are online or offline. If a recipient is offline, the message will be waiting when the player logs in again.

Unread mail expires after 30 days.

You can send and receive mail while in combat.

Mail Conditions for New Characters Edit

To reduce in-game spam, these conditions have been implemented in order to send mail: the sending character must be level 80 and have completed 72 hours of play time. If these conditions are not met, you will get an error message about "conditions not met".

Sending MailEdit

Each user has the ability to send mail, with or without a single attachment.


Message length is limited to 256 bytes which essentially means 256 characters. You can add an attachment to the message you send. It can be gold, an item, or both. If you're sending gold along with your message, there will be a 1% tax fee calculated from the total amount of gold sent. For example, sending 200,000 gold will cost 2,000 gold.

Aside from the regular individual mail system, a user can also send a mass email, which will be delivered to all specified recipients (can also include gold, or items).

Each recipient requires an extra fee to be paid. The fee is message type based and is paid only once per each mass-mailing.

The types of recipients and their fees are:

Type Description Total mailing fee
Individual a regular message from one user to another no extra fee
Friends sent to all your registered friends 50,000 gold
Guild sent to all your guild members 100,000 gold
Nation sent to all your nation members 500,000 gold

Cross-Server Mail Edit

If you go to Titan Server, you can send messages to players on another server.

While on your home server, you cannot change the server on outgoing mail messages. Once on Titan, you can choose a server to send mail to.

Mail HistoryEdit


This last tab stores a log of all your recent mail operations. It includes date, sender (or receiver if outgoing), attached gold or items. However, it won't allow you to see the message content. Once you mark the mail as received there is no way of restoring it's message text.

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